breaking into a news van in Project Zomboid Build 41

How to Break Into Cars in Project Zomboid

Once in the drivers seat you can open up the trunk by pressing button on the right of the dash UI. This will unlock the trunk of the car allowing you to loot it as well. Always check all places in the car for interesting loot.

How to Save the Game in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid uses an auto-save feature. This means that the game will automatically save at certain points. By default, the game will save whenever you decide to exit the game.

How to Sneak Attack/Stealth Kill – Project Zomboid

For example, you aren’t able to perform a stealth kill with large blunt weapons like the baseball bat. You will have to experiment with weapons to see if they are compatible but in my experience, it is generally short, bladed weapons which work for this.

How to Make and Use Sheet Rope – Project Zomboid

The first thing you’ll have to do once you find yourself a second story window is to open it up. If the window is closed you won’t be able to apply the escape rope to it. Now, once the window is open it is ready for you to go to work.

How to Get Worms in Project Zomboid

If you don’t think you have the stomach to eat worms directly good news! you can use those slimy suckers as bait to catch a real meal. By finding yourself a fishing rod, you can use the worms directly as bait and cast them off to catch fish.

a player in project zomboid sitting on a rooftop surrounded by nails

How to Get Nails in Project Zomboid

Nails are one of the stable building materials in both real life and in Project Zomboid. When you’re either trying to level the carpentry skill in the game, or building a base you are going to need a lot of nails. Like other resources, they can be hard to come across at first. This page … Read more

How to Write on Notepads/Paper – Project Zomboid

If you have found an item such as a blank piece of paper or an empty notepad the good news is you can almost write on it yourself! To be able to put custom text on one of these items, you will have to find a Pen or pencil as well.