How to Equip Weapons in Going Medieval

One of the most important parts about your colony in Going Medieval is defending it! This is especially true of you’re gone for a harder difficulty. Raids will come quick and often! Your settlers are going to need weapons to defend themselves against attackers! This guide will show you how to equip your settlers! How … Read more

How to Build Stairs Up and Down in Going Medieval

Going Medieval has some great things going for it a lot of other colony sims don’t. One of the best features is the ability to build and dig through Z levels. This means you can really make the space work as you have 16 full levels which you can build up, or dig down through. … Read more

How to Make Clothes in Going Medieval

Along with being fed and kept entertained, there are a few other things you’ll have to provide for your settlers in Going Medieval. One of these things is clothing. Clothing will help keep your colonists warm in the colder month and also block some damage in combat. Along with a need to wear clothes, settlers … Read more

A settler crafting armor in Going Medieval

How to Make Armor in Going Medieval

One of the most memorable points of medieval time is the combat. It feels like with every part of history battles are the most important events for keeping time. In Going Medieval, your settlement will also face it’s fair share of warfare. (Nice rhyme). While settling up your colony your settlers will have to fight … Read more

How to Make Beds in Going Medieval

In any colony the most important part is generally the colonists. Medieval sim Going Medieval is no exception to this rule. As you start to expand and grow your colony you will have more an more settlers. These settlers will all need a place to sleep. This is a very important part of your colony … Read more

2 salt bags freshly mined in Going Medieval

How to Get Salt in Going Medieval

One of the resource in medieval colony sim Going Medieval is salt! Just like in the middle ages, salt is an important resource to hang on to. With multiple different uses, you will need salt at some point in your colony. Figuring out how to get salt and what it can be used for can … Read more