How to Change Your Coat of Arms/Heraldry in Going Medieval

One of the first decisions you are faced with in Going Medieval is what to call your new colony. Once you’ve decided on a name and some characters you will have to create a coat of arms to symbolize your new found land. Maybe you rushed through it the first time like me and then … Read more

Going Medieval Farming Guide – How to Grow Food

You will face many challenges in medieval colony sim Going Medieval. From raiders to the elements, it may seem like everything is against you. One of the silent killers is food. Being one of the most important resources to keep you will need food from the very beginning to the end. One of the best … Read more

How to Make a Cellar/Basement in Going Medieval

One of the mechanics that sets Going Medieval apart from other colony sims is the ability to build and create on multiple levels. With the Z level system, players can build houses with multiple stories, cellars and even complete underground bases. Building a cellar in Going Medieval can be a great way to save space … Read more

How to Make Storage/Stockpiles in Going Medieval

In Going Medieval you are going to have to manage an entire colony. This includes not only your settlers, but a large amount of materials as well. There are many different types of materials. Some of these will need to be stored under specific conditions. But how do you make stockpiles for different items? Read … Read more

An undergound mountain base from Going Medieval

How to Build Underground in Going Medieval

One of the unique mechanics that sets Going Medieval apart from the other colony sims on the market is the Z levels system. This means that players can build their colony above or below ground to a certain extend. Caves can be dug out, or great castles can be build. These can be multi-story cave … Read more