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  • How to Get a Gauranlen Tree in Rimworld Ideology
    Rimworld Ideology is finally here and with it some big content upgrades to the game. One addition is the inclusion of Gauranlen trees from which Dryads will spawn. Your colonists can ‘connect’ with these trees in order to ‘control’ the Dryads which come from the tree. This article will explain what you need to do … Read more
  • How to Get Slaves in Rimworld Ideology
    Rimworld Ideology is here and with a plethora of questionable new mechanics have been added. Players can now create a belief for their colony which can open up a whole bunch of gameplay avenues. One such new gameplay mechanic is the edition of slaves. This guide will show you how to unlock this feature for … Read more
  • How to Convert Colonists in Rimworld Ideology
    So you’ve made a new religion in Rimworld Ideology. Obviously your religion is going to be the best one, so naturally you want to share this beautiful belief. That prisoner practices Neo-Mormonism? Blasphemy! This guide will show you how to convert other characters into seeing your colony’s point of view! How to Convert Colonists in … Read more
  • How to Assign Social Roles in Rimworld Ideology
    Rimworld’s Ideology expansion is finally here and with it a host of new options. Ideology adds new simulation options including religion, worship and social roles. With a whole bunch of new options and mechanics come a whole new way to play. This guide will show you how to add some of the different social roles … Read more
  • How To Deal With an Infection in Project Zomboid (Build 41)
    Have you scratched your hand on some sharp glass and left a dirty bandage on it? Did you fall down in the forest and badly cut your leg? If your injuries are left untreated there’s a good chance your character can get an infection in Project Zomboid.
  • How to Drill Planks in Project Zomboid
    What are notched wooden planks and how do you craft one? Another Project Zomboid ‘how to’ guide!
  • Rimworld Ideology Release Date Announced!
    Rimworld’s Ideology expansion finally has a release date! Check it out here.
  • How to Level Up Carpentry in Project Zomboid
    Showing you how to become a master builder of the apocalypse.
  • 4 Tips to Level Electrical in Project Zomboid (Build 41)
    Showing you how to level up your electrical skill in Project Zomboid Build 41.
  • The 3 Best Weapons in Going Medieval
    We count down 3 of the best weapons from colony sim Going Medieval
  • How to Get a Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid
    We show you how and where to find a sledgehammer in Project Zomboid
  • 8 Must-Try Project Zomboid Mods
    We count down 8 mods for Project Zomboid that you should try on your next run!
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