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  • How to Make a Cellar in Going Medieval
    One of the mechanics that sets Going Medieval apart from other colony sims is the ability to build and create on multiple levels. With the Z level system, players can build houses with multiple stories, cellars and even complete underground bases. Building a cellar in Going Medieval can be a great way to save space … Read more
  • Going Medieval – 10 Tips to Improve Your Colony!
    My top 10 Tips and tricks for Going Medieval’s Early Access on Steam!
  • How to Get Rid of Corpses in Going Medieval
    We show you how to get rid of bodies and clutter in your base in Going Medieval!
  • How to Make Storage/Stockpiles in Going Medieval
    In Going Medieval you are going to have to manage an entire colony. This includes not only your settlers, but a large amount of materials as well. There are many different types of materials. Some of these will need to be stored under specific conditions. But how do you make stockpiles for different items? Read … Read more
  • How to Build Underground in Going Medieval
    One of the unique mechanics that sets Going Medieval apart from the other colony sims on the market is the Z levels system. This means that players can build their colony above or below ground to a certain extend. Caves can be dug out, or great castles can be build. These can be multi-story cave … Read more
  • How to Heal Settlers and Treat Injuries in Going Medieval
    Showing you how to heal settlers when they become injured in Going Medieval
  • How to Get Clay and Create Bricks in Going Medieval
    Wondering how to find clay and make bricks in Going Medieval? You’ve come to the right place!
  • How to Research in Going Medieval – Books and Chronicles
    A full guide on research in Going Medieval. From how to produce research items to how the research system works.
  • How to Get More Settlers in Going Medieval
    I show you how to get more settlers in your colony in Going Medieval. Through changing the settings and random events as well!
  • How to Butcher Animals in Going Medieval
    In Going Medieval, having a source of food is vital to your colony’s survival. Settlers need food in order to survive in Going Medieval. Although growing food is a really great source of food it takes time. Cabbage unfortunately do not grow overnight. In the beginning or even later on in the game, you may … Read more
  • How to Get Iron in Going Medieval
    We show you everything from finding iron veins, to mining and smelting iron down into iron ingots.
  • Going Medieval Review – An Innovative Medieval Colony Sim
    Medieval colony simulator Going Medieval has finally launched into Steam early access! I was given the opportunity to get into the game and start playing over the last few days. Rather than write a formal ‘review’ I’d rather just talk about my experiences with the game. Hopefully that can give you, the reader, an idea … Read more
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