The 10 Best Traits in Project Zomboid Build 41

Project Zomboid is a game filled with choices. Will you risk going into the zombie-invested warehouse to get that generator? Are you going to take the golf club or the baseball bat? Right from the start of the game you are faced with difficult decisions. Mostly based around how you want your character. One of … Read more

How to Play Valheim On Android

Do you have the game on Steam but wish there was some way that you could play from anywhere in your house using your mobile? Lucky you! This page will tell you exactly how you can play Valheim on your Android device without needing to sit at the computer.

What To Do When Bitten – Project Zomboid

There are a few different types of injuries you can sustain if an undead managed to sneak up on you and attack you. Judging by how the enemy attacked you and what you were wearing you may just simply get a scratch or other injury.

How to Tame Necks in Valheim

Once you’ve ran the game as normal you can open up the console using the F5 key and type in the command /buzztame. This will open up the menu where you can configure which animals and creatures will be tameable through the mod and what kind of food they will eat.

The 8 Most Popular Valheim Mods So Far!

With that out of the way, let’s get to the list of the 8 most popular mods for Valheim! The list is in order from least to most popular, meaning mod number 8 is currently the most downloaded mod for Valheim.

Answering Valheim’s Biggest Questions

From possible purchases to veteran players many of the game’s mechanics and features aren’t out there. Luckily I’m here today to dive in to some of the most commonly asked questions about the game on google to give you an idea on some of the features in the game and what can and can’t be done.

Is Valheim Fun Solo?

The player will find themselves fighting multiple smaller beasts and strong opponent apart from the main boss battles in the game. This post will tell the reader a little about the game from a solo player’s perspective and try to help you decide if you will have fun playing the game solo or whether you will be able to beat it.

Is Unarmed Viable in Valheim?

There is only one way to level up the unarmed skill in Valheim. You could have guessed that you level it up by hitting things whilst unarmed. Unequip any weapon you are using and use your fists to beat down your foes.

How to Get the Fire Sword Dyrnwyn in Valheim

The sword is a very strong item and although it cannot be currently crafted in Valheim it is assumed that Flametal bars will be used in the crafting of this item. The item can be repaired at a level 2 forge so it is assumed it is crafted at the forge although this may change at a later date in the game’s development.

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