10 Must have mods for Rimworld – Rimworld best mods

I love Rimworld mods. I love downloading them. I love playing them. I love crashing my game with them. This list is my personal choice of must-have mods for your next playthrough! These may not be the largest Rimworld mods, or necessarily add the most amount of content. All of the mods are ‘vanilla friendly’ (within reason) and try to improve on the gameplay features already in the base game, rather than adding a bunch of new content. The list, in no particular order, includes UI changes, system changes and content. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

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1. EdB Prepare Carefully

It’s the Sims! In Rimworld! Simsworld?

Sick of re-rolling and re-rolling your starting characters to get those traits you really want? Want to make a certain, one-armed psychopath for a role-play playthrough? Re-roll no longer! With EdB Prepare Carefully you can fully customize all of your starting pawns. You can customize not only the looks and traits, but also every individual skill level and passion they have for each skill.

2. Wall Light

Light up your (short) Life!

Fairly self explanatory, Wall Light adds, you guessed it, a wall light. The lights install into the colony walls so they won’t take up as much space as those pesky standing lamps. The lights can be built in a variety of colors and the mod has a settings menu so you can decide how much power a wall light should take. Overall, a really great quality of life mod. You can support the mod author on his Ko-Fi page here.

3. Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering (EPOE)

Be still my forever beating heart

This mod gives the ability to create your own artificial organs to replace the ones your colonists may have lost in that last battle or raid gone wrong. The mod also includes all new prosthetics and bionics from hook hands to exoskeletons, this mod adds a bunch of new content to the game. This is among the Rimworld best mods. Almost every Rimworld player i know uses this. It even has support for a bunch of different mods.

4. Pick Up and Haul

Oh, you’re just going to.. leave the other 20 Corn outside to rot… Cool.

Tired of your pawns picking up the 12 rice on the ground to put it in your coffers only to forget about the other 6 piles out in the rain, to focus on their next art project? Then this is the mod for you! It adds the ability for your pawns to pick up multiple items at once into their inventories and unload them all one at a time in their proper places

5. RimHUD


The next one is the first UI change on this list. RimHUD improves the visibility of the main HUD by combining a lot of the menus into one summary. It makes you able to swap outfit categories, see the skills and progress and see the mood all from the main menu of the pawn. Be careful, once you install this one you can never go back to vanilla again. It is completely necessary to make sure your organ harvesting operations are successful. 

6. Realistic Rooms

No Cougar you do NOT need 8 square meters of space

Realistic rooms lowers the pawn need for a larger than normal room. It reduces the room size necessary to make a pawn happy. I personally feel that the default room size that a pawn needs is very unnecessary, especially on tribal playthroughs where they need at least 5 tiles square of space. Coming from someone living in a densely-packed city apartment, I tend to disagree! The mod is especially useful for creating large mega-bases.

7. Vanilla Furniture Expanded

Sing me a song you’re the piano butcher, cook, warden, hunter, construction maaan

Vanilla Furniture Expanded is another content adding mod. This mod aims to add a few more furniture pieces from joy objects, like dart boards and pianos, to new royal objects layered with gold like the royal table and bed. The mod fits into the vanilla aesthetic perfectly while adding some great new useful items which make you wonder why they weren’t in the game in the first place.

8. Dub’s Bad Hygiene

Why would i want to bring another reason for my colonists to freak out and dig up corpses? Fun.

Here’s where I may really start to divide the players. Dubs bad hygiene is mainly here to add a new challenge. It adds the need to go to the toilet and a need to be clean, among with new items and furniture to achieve such tasks. The toilet systems range from a simple latrines and wash buckets, to flushable toilets and heated showers. I love the extra challenge it adds to the game. Plus the need to add a bathroom with hot water really adds to the house building aspect of the game. Support the mod creator on his page Patreon here!

9. Giddy-Up (series)

They see me rollin’

Rimworld best mods? How about riding your favorite animals? The Giddy-Up mods make your pawns able to ride on some of the creatures you’ve tamed. As long as you’ve trained them to be obedient that is. There are multiple different mods for all different riding needs. All of them require Giddy-Up Core to be installed first. From the Giddy-Up Caravan mod, (see the image above), to the Ride and Roll mod which allows pawns to ride creatures from job to job. The mod also has setting so you can allow which animals CAN be ridden and which can not. If riding your Husky with bionic legs into battle doesn’t sound realistic enough for you you can toggle certain animals off. Wait did I say Husky with bionic legs?

10. A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics

Come here Scout, time to put your new HUMANDOOMCRUSHER 2000 jaw on

After that beautiful segway…

Are you sick of your favorite pawns’ animal not being able to move with it into battle because it lost its leg to gangrene? Then this is the mod for you. A Dog Said adds bionic and simple replacement parts to your furry, (and not so furry) friends. For me this is absolutely necessary and makes me question why it isn’t in the vanilla game

And that’s it! That wraps up my top 10 list of must-have mods for Rimworld. I have also written a review for Rimworld to tell you why you should buy it! (Why are you here if you don’t have the game?) All of the above mods can be found by searching for them in the steam workshop for the game or by clicking the links in each name. Try them out and let me know what you think. Have a suggestion that you think should have made the list comment it below and make sure everyone can find it.

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