Should I Buy Valheim? – Valheim Review

Sharpen your axes, ready your bows. Join me as I dive into early access game Valheim and share my thoughts on this survival exploration game. Valheim- Review

League of Legends – Wild Rift makes LoL fun again

I used to play a great deal of League of Legends with my friends. It was a free, team based game, where you would have to strategize and communicate with your team to secure a victory. Each game goes for roughly 20 to 40 minutes so it is quite easy to just jump into a game….

The Outer Worlds Review

The Outer Worlds is a story-driven RPG game from video game greats Obsidian Entertainment. The game released with a decent reception scoring an 8.5/10 on IGN, an 85% on Metacritic and a positive review rate of 86% on Steam at the time of this articles publication. Many of the reviews praised the games soundtrack and design in general. Most mentioning the fantastic performance of the voice actors of the game. Obsidian has released….

Kenshi Review – A sandbox cRPG not to be missed

Kenshi is a game in which you will find yourself in a constant uphill struggle. No person in this world will hold your hand. You won’t be given a few hours of tutorial on how to move and buy items and eat. You are simply thrown into this wasteland to figure your way out. Kenshi will have you, at times questioning why in fact you are still playing the game. It will have you wondering, ‘am I really having a good time here watching myself get constantly beaten half to death and be captured by slavers?’ And the answer is yes.

The best Star Wars RPG of all time – Review

Finally it is the time. I can share with the world not only the best Star Wars game, in my opinion, but also my favorite game of all time. I’d like to speak with you a little about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Over the course of the next 1000 or so words I am going to speak to you about possibly the greatest Star Wars story of all time. Happy? Happy. Great let’s begin.

Eve Echoes Review: The Best Mobile Space Sim

Oh I remember. I remember a day I didn’t look at my phone and see a notification telling me I’ve made the travel safely to my home space station successfully.

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