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Eve Echoes Review: The Best Mobile Space Sim

Oh I remember. I remember a day I didn’t look at my phone and see a notification telling me I’ve made the travel safely to my home space station successfully.

Kingdoms : Early Access Steam Game Review

Kingdoms describes itself as a Procedurally generated Medieval RPG. The game boasts a ‘smart AI’ feature where every NPC has their own motives and actions. The main focus of the game being the dynamic world to be immersed in. Is is a first person game of exploration and construction.

Prepare Carefully Moc

10 Must have mods for Rimworld – Rimworld best mods

This list is my personal choice of must-have mods for your next playthrough! These may not be the best Rimworld mods, or necessarily add the most amount of content. All of the mods are ‘vanilla friendly’ (within reason) and try to improve on the gameplay features already in the base game, rather than adding a bunch of new content. The list, in no particular order, includes UI changes, system changes and content.