Does Kitaria Fables Have Romance and/or Marriage?

Kitaria Fables has finally released to a pretty good reception on steam and across the world. In this part farming sim, part action RPG you play as a cat who must rise against a rising evil across the world. One day you could be casting spells at plant monsters and the next can be spent tending to your crops and trying to earn Paw Pennies for the next Sword upgrade.

Players can play an RPG/farming hybrid without comparing it to the likes of popular farming game Stardew Valley. Along with similar mechanics, another fan-favorite is the ability to befriend and even romance the villagers in the game. Players looking for this particular type of gameplay from Kitaria Fables are unfortunately going to be a little disappointed.

Does Kitaria Fables Have Romance Options?

Sadly Kitaria Fables does not feature any kind of romance options currently in the game. Whilst there are NPCs and villagers to interact and chat with there is no option to marry or romance them at all. The game does have a kind of friendship system in place where as you continue to help out villagers and complete tasks for them you are able to unlock new items available to purchase. You can read more about that below.

Unfortunately there are no romance or marriage options in Kitaria Fables

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get the game if you like Stardew Valley and the Harvest Moon titles! Kitaria Fables has a lot to offer for such a small game. The game has a great, solid combat system and a decent farming gameplay loop. Whilst you can’t directly befriend any or the NPCs there is a full story and main questline to follow where your character will interact with many characters along the way.

Friendship and NPC Quests

Whilst there is no romance or marriage to speak of in Kitaria Fables the game does have some NPC interactions. When talking to any of the merchant NPCs in the game you may have noticed there are more tabs in their inventory. These include some special items that can only be purchased once they are unlocked. Some NPCs will occasionally give the player tasks or quests to complete for them. This can range from delivering items to other places on the map to growing a specific type of vegetables and bringing them to the NPC. There are a good variety of quests.

Some items will be locked behind quest completion

As you can see in the image above, there are certain items that are locked behind quests. Open up one of the trader’s shops and have a look for yourself. From time to time you will be able to complete different quests for the NPCs and depending on which ones you complete you will unlock some new items. For example, the Grape Seeds and locked behind the Kiki’s Farming Trial 3 quest. As you can probably tell from the title there are 2 quests before this one which have to be completed first.

Getting Quests From NPCs

From time to time the NPCs of Kitaria will have quests for you to do. When there are quests available with an NPC a symbol will appear above their head. You will see the image of a scroll in a speak bubble. To view and possibly accept the quest speak with this NPC. You will be brought through some dialogue of them explaining their problem and then have the option to accept the quest. If you’ve gotten far enough through the tutorials at the start of the game the first NPC quest you will receive is through Timmy.

Completing quests for NPCs will allow you to unlock new items for purchase

Timmy will ask you if you can defeat some of the wasp creatures in the forest and collect some of their stingers for something he is working on. Once you have accepted this quest, you can view the details about it, (and your progress if applicable). Some of these quests will even come with their own rewards as well. For example in the image above you can see the Farming Trail quest. Once you’ve completed a few tiers of the Farming Trail quests you will unlock new seeds and other items at the farm store. Although there isn’t a ‘friendship’ level per say, this is kind of similar. As you complete quests for the villagers you will become better friends with them and unlock new items to purchase.


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