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This will be a comprehensive guide on all you need to know about birch trees in Valheim. Being one of the sources of important material, you will probably want to know at some point the best way of finding birch trees, cutting them down and possibly growing birch trees using birch tree seeds.

This guide will have absolutely everything you need to know about birch trees in Valheim.

What are Birch Trees?

Birch is one of the types of trees that the player can cut down in Valheim. They are one of the easiest trees to distinguish from others as they have a very unique color scheme. Birch trees are black and which and have stripes on them, kind of like a zebra. Check the image below to get an idea of what birch trees look like.

Some birch trees found in a plains in Valheim

Upon being cut down, the birch tree will drop into a log. This log can then be cut into 2 smaller logs using an axe of bronze quality or better. Once the player can broken down these logs they will receive both fine wood and regular wood as well.

What Does Each Birch Give?

I did a small test on some birch trees in order to determine roughly how much wood can be harvested from each birch tree. You can see the results plotted on a table below. For the sake of the experiment I harvested 6 different birch trees all of different sizes and have based the information on this article on those findings.

Data on birch tree harvesting in Valheim

As you can see from the table, the game will always drop 20 units of wood to the player per tree. The figures in this table do not include harvesting the stump of the tree, which will always yield regular wood. On average, the player will get more fine wood than regular wood when they cut down a birch tree. Only 1 time in 6 did the types of wood equal the same.

The average fine wood/wood that you will harvest from a tree based on these finding is 12 fine wood and 8 regular wood. (rounded to the closest full value). I could be doing more tests that 6 trees but I don’t really see a point in it. The weapon used to break down the tree doesn’t seem to matter or relate to the harvested materials at all.

Birch Tree Locations

Currently in Valheim there are only two biomes where birch trees can spawn. The first biome is the Meadows where the player will start their journey. The other biome in which birch trees can spawn is the plains biome. The plains holds the highest amount of birch trees in the game. The player can often find forests full of birch trees in the plains area making it the best place to find birch in the game.

Birch as far as the eye can see in Valheim

Due to the danger associated with the plains however, short gathering trips are recommended. The other great thing about harvesting birch trees in the plains is that you can take both wood and fine wood though portals in Valheim. The best thing you can do is set up a relatively secure base in the plains, (in which i recommend making a base up on top of a large rock), set up a portal there and use that as a birch wood harvesting operation.

How to Get Birch Seeds and Plant Birch Trees

Many of the trees found in Valheim can be cut down in order to gather seeds. Unfortunately in this stage of Valheim’s early access there are no birch seeds available in the game. Cutting down 1000 birch trees will yield you will nothing for your efforts. We are unsure if the developers are planning to add birch seeds to the game in a future update. Perhaps the developers decided on purpose to have no birch seeds in the game to keep fine wood a rare and finite resource.

There is, however a mod which allows the player to not only collect and plant birch seeds. We covered the mod in an article published last week which you can check out here. With this mod players will not only be able to collect birch seeds, oak seeds and plant these seeds to make fine wood farms, they will also be able to plant and harvest berry bushes and mushrooms.

Once the developers add a way to grow birch trees you can expect this page to stay up to date with all of the latest information including how to get and grow birch trees. Until then, you can also check out this short guide on how to farm in Valheim.

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