How to Activate Your Forsaken Power in Valheim

In Valheim defeating strong boss level creatures will award you with a forsaken power. Once you have chosen a forsaken power you can activate it by pressing the ‘F’ key by default. Check the control scheme in your settings menu if the F key does not work. Keep in mind that you must first defeat a forsaken creature such as Eikthyr, the first forsaken. Once they are defeated, you must take their trophy to the summoning stones where you first started your journey. Find the hook which correlates to the fallen beast and attack their trophy to the correct hook. You can now choose their forsaken power.

What is a Forsaken in Valheim?

In Valheim you, the player, have been brought to this world after falling in battle on Earth. As one of the greatest warriors of your planet Odin has brought you to the 10th Norse world of Valheim and given you a task. At the time, Valheim is in peril. Odin’s enemies are running loose and need to be stopped. There are various smaller groups of enemies but your task is to destroy Odin’s real enemies, the forsaken creatures.

From the very start of the game you are dropped off at an area called the Summoning Stones by a large raven. At this mysterious group of stones you can see 5 different stones with hooks and carvings drawn on them. When you approach each stone a cryptic message will appear describing some type of creature. These stones are there each indicating one of the forsaken creatures which roam the land of Valheim.

The first creature, Eikthyr, can be found by interacting with the Vegvisir which is available next to its trophy area. This is the smaller red stone. The forsaken are incredibly strong and each wield powerful magic and attacks which the player will have to figure out and try to counter to defeat them. If you plan to go against a forsaken in Valheim, make sure you are prepared.

How to Get More Forsaken Powers

Once you have followed the steps and defeated the first forsaken, Eikthyr, you will be given some items upon slaying it. If you haven’t done so yet, you can check out this guide to Eikthyr to help you along your way.

Once you have defeated Eikthyr, one of the items you will receive from them is the Eikthyr Trophy. This trophy is the head and horns of Eikthyr. Once you have collected this artifact, return to the summoning stones at the start of your journey. you can find the summoning stones at any time by opening up your map (m) and looking for the symbol which looks like a few stone gathered around each other. Once you make your way back here you can hang the Eikthyr Trophy up on the corresponding hook by interacting with the hook whilst the trophy is in your inventory.

Once Eikthyr’s head is up there you can interact with it by pressing the E key. This will have you choose the forsaken power of Eikthyr. Once the other bosses have been defeated you will have to follow the same steps in order to gain their forsaken power. For example after you have slain the second boss, The Elder, you will be granted their forsaken power which allows you for a short time, to cut down trees faster.

These powers can be invaluable to the player and they can really turn the tide in your favor depending on your battle. For example after defeating the third boss, Bonemass, you will be given the its power, which allows you to take less damage from every type of physical attack for a short amount of time. Great for those tough battles.

Every player that is a part of your world can make use of any forsaken power from trophies you’ve unlocked. For example if you were to join your friends world with your character and he has defeated Moder, you would be able to go to the summoning stones and activate the forsaken power of Moder if you wish.

A List of All of the Forsaken Powers

There are currently five different forsaken powers in Valheim. Though the game is in Early access and this is subject to change. Be warned if you are worried about exploration spoilers of Valheim because the following will be a list of all forsaken powers currently in the game.

Valheim’s First Boss Eikthyr Forsaken Power

Upon defeating Eikthyr and bringing their trophy to the stones you will be bestowed the forsaken power of Eikthyr. This power will make you use less stamina when you are sprinting and jumping. 60% to be specific. This is a very helpful power when fighting the other bosses of the game as you will spent a lot of time running and evading attacks.

Valheim’s Second Boss The Elder Forsaken Power

The Elder is the lord of the Forest. This huge tree-like creature has a massive health pool and will call vines from the earth to aid them. If you manage to defeat The Elder and bring their trophy back as a sacrifice you will be granted their forsaken power. The forsaken power of The Elder allows your to cut wood faster, a great tool for mass arrow production or for building your base.

Valheim’s Third Boss Bonemass Forsaken Power

This large disgusting slob of a creature will devastate you with tick damage from poison if you are not prepared. Once you’ve defeated this large green blob and brought the trophy back, along with acquiring a Wishbone you will be allowed to use the power of Bonemass. This power will make you take less damage from all physical damage types in the game. This means all piercing, slashing and blunt damages will be reduced for the player. This won’t include include frost or poison damage so stay wary.

Valheim’s Fourth Boss Moder Forsaken Power

The forsaken power of the game’s fourth boss Moder, will give you the ability to explore the map at faster speeds. Moder’s forsaken power makes the player always have the wind at the back of their sails when travelling by sea. Invaluable to the player wishing to conquer the map and discover everything. There’s nothing worse than a strong headwind.

Valheim’s Fifth Boss Yagluth Forsaken Power

Yagluth is the fifth and final boss in the current version of Valheim. After summoning this vile creatures in the plains biome you will have your toughest battle yet. If and only if you manage to defeat Yagluth, bringing their trophy to the stone will grant you the fifth and final power. The forsaken power of Yagluth will have the player take less damage from elemental attacks. This is the Yin to Bonemass‘ Yang where his power protects the player from physical attacks. Yagluth’s power is great for second battle with Moder.

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