How to Assign Social Roles in Rimworld Ideology

Rimworld’s Ideology expansion is finally here and with it a host of new options. Ideology adds new simulation options including religion, worship and social roles. With a whole bunch of new options and mechanics come a whole new way to play. This guide will show you how to add some of the different social roles to your colonists.

How to Assign Roles in Ideology

Assigning different roles to your is fairly straightforward. First, you have to create your religion and start the actual game. Once you are in the game and actually building the colony you can assign social roles at any time. To assign a social role in Ideology follow these steps:

  • Select the colonist you wish to assign a social role to
  • Select the Social tab found at the bottom left of the UI
  • At the top of the social panel select the Assign Role button
  • Pick a social role from the drop-down menu
You can assign social roles through a colonist’s social menu

You will see a list of all available roles for your religion. Note that some roles require a certain level of skill to be assigned to a colonist. As you can see in the image above, to be eligible for the role of Brawlitor the colonist will need a Melee skill level of at least 6.

How to Get More Social Roles

If you are wondering how your religion can get more social roles after it has been developed then this is going to disappoint you. The amount of social roles that your Ideology has to distribute is based on the Memes and Precepts that you have created for your religion.

While you are setting up the religion, some of the Memes you decide on will create social roles to be distributed within your colony. See the image of my Ideology for example. If you hover the mouse over one of the Memes in this case Transhuminist, you can see that there is a role unlocked when it is being added. In this case, it will add the role of a Research Specialist to the colony.

Your Memes dictate which social roles will be available in the colony

In order to get more social roles, you must choose your Ideology’s Memes wisely. For example, combat focused religions are going to have a few different roles related to fighting, both melee and ranged. In my specific religion, ranged combat is frowned upon and this the Shooting Specialist is no longer an option for us.


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