How to Attack Enemies in Kenshi

In hardcore survival cRPG Kenshi, you will find yourself often surrounded by enemies. Combat is the main theme of the game with a diverse range of different factions and groups in the game. Sure, in most towns you may find yourself a safe haven away from the action. But journey outside towns and you will soon find yourself needing to attack and defend yourself from enemies.

This guide will show you the how to attack enemies, attack other characters unprovoked/friendly and how to use the ‘Attack Move’ method.


Attack Hostile NPCs
Attack Non-Hostile NPCs
Using the ‘Attack Move’ Skill (Moving in Combat)

How to Attack in Kenshi

Attacking Hostile NPCs

As there are may different groups in Kenshi, some will be passive and others will be immediately hostile depending on your character’s race and relations. Other groups may become hostile based on certain conditions. For example, slavers may suddenly turn on the player in search of a pay day if they think they can take your group on.

The cursor will turn red when hovering over hostile NPCs

Attacking hostile enemies is rather simple. All you have to do is simply select the character (or characters) you wish to attack, hover your mouse over the enemy and right-click them. Your character will move towards the enemy and engage in combat.

By default, your characters should also defend themselves from attacks from enemies. This can be changed in the UI when you select any of your characters.

Attacking Non-Hostile/Passive NPCs

You are not only restricted to attacking hostile NPCs in Kenshi. The game is a sandbox which means you have a lot of freedom to choose whichever path you want. It is possible to attack any NPC in the game. If you want to be the ones raiding a town or caravan you can do this as well!

To attack an NPC you are not hostile with simply select the character you want to attack with, then hover over the character you wish to attack and hold down the right mouse button. This will open up and interaction menu where you can choose from a few different actions. Select ‘Attack Unprovoked’.

You can attack any NPC in Kenshi using the ‘Attack Unprovoked’ action

Attacking an enemy will lower your relations with their faction however. Before you attack from town guards or any other faction, be aware that you may bring more trouble to your base than what you are prepared for…

How to ‘Attack Move’ in Kenshi

Usually when you move around in Kenshi, you would select your character and right-click on the destination. Your character will automatically find the fastest path to the destination. Even when they are in combat, they will simply drop their guard and sprint somewhere. This can be dangerous if they are attacked as they will technically no longer be in combat and just leave their back turned.

One thing the game doesn’t explain well is that there is an option to attack move. This will mean that your character will move carefully to the chosen location. They will keep their guard up and still face their enemy.

Using the Attack Move, you character won’t let their guard down in a fight

To perform the Attack Move skill, select your character and then Hold SHIFT and Right-click a destination. Your character will continue to attack and block their enemies as they move towards the location specified. Then when they reach it, they will remain in combat. This is the only way you should move around a battlefield when engaged in combat in Kenshi.

This tip is included in the games loading screen tips. The tip relating to this reads;
Hold SHIFT when you right-click a move order while a character is in combat mode and he will maneuver carefully to that position while still fighting and protecting himself.


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