How to Attack Other Colonies in Rimworld

In Rimworld you will find yourself under constant threat from enemies. As you continue to grow your colony, you will be faced with raids increasing in strength. Having a well-defended base is essential to making sure you don’t lose it all. But what if you want to be the aggressor? In Rimworld it is actually possible to attack other factions and bases too.

You can be the raider in Rimworld should you o choose. This guide will show you how to attack another colony if you plan on taking over the Rimworld by force!

Attacking Other Colonies in Rimworld

Firstly, you are going to have to make sure you are prepared for such a task. As you will be away from your base you will need to prepare enough food and of course medical supplies for your raiders. Firstly, prepare everything you need for the journey. Then you can follow these steps to attack colonies:

  1. Open up the World Map and create a caravan at your colony
  2. Bring plenty of food and weapons along with any pawns you wish to come
  3. Send this caravan towards the colony you wish to attack
  4. Once the caravan has arrived, select the enemy colony and left-click the attack button
Enemy bases are generated based on the faction and the base type

Once you have followed these steps the game will load the town map into the game and you can fight as normal. A city or hideout will be randomly generated based on the type of town it is. Larger colonies will have multiple buildings and pawns. Smaller faction camps will generally have a small base. Make sure you are prepared if planning to fight a large colony.

Positives and Repercussions of Attacking Other Colonies

As you can imagine, there is plenty of loot that can be found in faction bases. Depending on which type of base you are attacking, you can gather some rather good loot. Keep in mind that while you can trade with other factions and see these items, these won’t be up for grabs if you attack the place. Loot will be randomly generated when you choose to attack the settlement.

Factions relations will drop if they are attacked

One main negative side to attacking another colony is the fact that your relations will suffer with this faction. As soon as you decide to attack another colony you will take a massive relationship hit. You will also lose relations for every pawn you decide to mow down during your raid. Make sure you don’t plan on becoming an ally of this faction in the near future if attacking.

If your relations drop enough the faction will also decide to send raids to you colony. The idea of a quick payday may seem promising but starting a war with a large faction may not be within your best interests…

Can You Wipe Out Other Factions?

When you successfully attack a colony and drive off the survivors, this colony will be destroyed. You may think to yourself with this information, “What if I want to go around and destroy every base of a faction?” It is entirely possible to wipe a faction from the face of the planet by attacking them.

As soon as you have destroyed the last remaining colony on a Rimworld, their faction will cease to exist. You can destroy every other faction on the map if you wish, although the world will seem pretty lonely if you choose to do so… Simply pick a faction you want to take out, send your troops there to destroy them and move on ot the next.


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