How to Change Your Appearance in Kitaria Fables

Kitaria Fables, being an RPG-lite likes to give the player the freedom to play however they want. From choosing which quests to complete, upgrading at their own speed and even taking a break from the adventurers life to farm there is many things to do. Thankfully the ability to customize the main character of the story, Nyanza is also an option.

from almost the beginning of the game you are able to customize the character with a few different options. This guide will show you how.

Finding the Mirror to Change Appearance

When you first start your game in Kitaria Fables you will be thrust right into the action with a mini tutorial. Whilst there isn’t a character creator or customize from the very start of the game, you won’t have to wait long to get to one. Once you character has advanced to the section of the game where you are introduced to your farm, you can start to customize your character. To do so, head to the mirror located in the corner of the room.

You can use the mirror at the farm to change your character’s appearance

As you will see in the above image (and in-game when you come to the mirror), there will be a tooltip to Change Appearance. By pressing the E key you will open up a menu which will allow you to change your appearance including all customization pieces that your character currently possesses. You will also be able to change the breed of Nyanza from a variety of different choices. Cat fans rejoice.

The Calico is my backup choice but Tabby for life!

There are 7 different cat colors to choose from as you can see in the image above. I’ve gone with the Tabby color personally. You can see there are a few other tabs here where you can change other accessories once you have collected them.

Changing Your Appearance With Armor and Hats

Along with being able to change your general color and appearance at the mirror there is another way that you can further customize your character. This is with armors and headgear collected in the game. Once you have found yourself a piece of armor or headwear you’d like to equip press the TAB key to open up your inventory. Now, select the piece you’d like to equip and either right-click the item or press the F key to equip it.

Armors and hats can change the way your character looks as well!

You can unequip the armor piece the same way as you equipped it! Do this by selecting the object within your equipped items and right-click again or once again press the F key.

That was a quick guide on how to customize your character in Kitaria Fables. How are you finding the game so far? Do you hope more customization options will be added to the game in the future and what is your color of choice? Leave a comment below!


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