How to Check Your Renown in Battle Brothers

Leading your party of mercenaries is a tough gig in Battle Brothers. As you travel from town to town fulfilling contracts and defeating enemies, you will slowly increase your company’s renown. This is basically how famous your company is getting.

How to See Your Current Renown

Checking our your renown in Battle Brothers can be a little difficult to begin with. It is not visible at all on the main map screen when travelling or even in your party’s inventory. There are two places where you can view your company’s current renown. These are:

  • At the top of the Retinue screen
  • At the top of the Factions & Relations menu

You can open up the Retinue menu by pressing the P key. The Factions & Relations menu can be accessed using the R key. You can view your renown on either of these menus by hovering your mouse over the current Renown title your company currently has. For the example below, my company has the Professional level.

Your current renown can be seen by hovering over your title

Your current amount of renown will be shown in the hover text which comes from here. You can see the exact number in brackets next to the title. (1362)

What is Renown Good For?

Now that you have access to your current renown you might be wondering what this is actually good for. In Battle Brothers one of the scaling difficulty factors revolves around the renown level. This doesn’t play a major part in making the world more difficult but it will affect it.

In general, the higher your renown, the more crowns you can expect to earn per contract. You will have access to more difficult contracts which pay more as you increase your renown. At renown level 1050 you will be able to unlock noble contracts which bring even more crowns in.

As you increase your renown, you will unlock more seats for followers in Battle Brothers

Increasing your renown will also unlock the ability to hire even more camp followers as well.. Each will bring unique bonuses to your mercenary company, such as being able to scavenge supplies after every battle, or helping your men survive injuries after battle.


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