How to Craft Items in Battle Brothers

In Battle Brothers, you are in charge of a group of mercenaries, fighting your way across a map to make it rich. Through countless contracts and battles you will come across numerous items. Some will be useful weapons and armor, others will be not to useful. There are also items that can be used to craft other items.

This guide will show you how to can craft items in Battle Brothers.

How to Craft Items

One of the features of the game that often goes overlooked in Battle Brothers is the ability to use materials to craft different items in the game. The mechanic of crafting was introduced into the game in the DLC Beasts and Exploration.

Crafting is done by visiting a shop in town called the Taxidermist. They can be found randomly in towns regardless of map location. At this shop, you can use different crafting materials to craft entirely new items. Simply go to the taxidermist with your materials and you will see what kinds of items you will be able to craft with them.

Once you have crafted an item once from a taxidermist, the recipe to craft the item will always be shown on the left side of the screen when at the taxidermist. Otherwise, you will simply have to go looking for new materials.

How to Find Materials to Craft With

Most of the materials you will craft with are harvested from monsters. Every monster in the game has crafting materials to harvest. From Hyenas to Direwolves, besting them in battle and taking their trophies can often lead to helpful items.

The beast you will have to go looking for will depend on what you want to get. For example, you can craft a mantle for your armor using three units of Hyena fur. You can check out the full list of craftable items here. Once you have an idea on what you wish to craft, seek out that animal to get the parts. Simple!

You will not always get every part for a beast when you have defeated one however. Some items only have a certain percentage to drop as loot after the battle ends.

How to Craft Snake Oil in Battle Brothers

Along with the general items being able to be crafted such as weapons and armors, there is another type of item that can be craft. Potions can also be crafted using remains from animals. You will not be able to do this with every team however.

In order to craft potions you will have to hire a follower. The Alchemist follower will allow your company to craft Snake Oil. Once you have hired one of these brothers, you will be able to craft snake oil using different materials at the Taxidermist.

To unlock The Alchemist, you company will have to craft 16 items at the Taxidermist. This follower can then be employed at the Retinue screen by pressing the O key. Select a free slot in your camp and find The Alchemist who can be recruited for 2,500 gold.


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