How to Break Rocks in Valheim

Playing this Viking early access hit and wondering how to get rid of all those rocks strewn through the fields of Valheim? Check out this guide where we teach you how to destroy rocks and clean this place up a bit.

What are Rocks Made of?

Most of the rocks that you will find in Valheim are made up of stone. These basic rocks will just look like large grey rocks basically. When you stand close to these rocks and look at them no further information will appear. There are a few different other types of rocks in Valheim that you can actually get useful resources from by breaking them down.

There is the Copper Deposit which looks like a large rock with green moss all over it. One of the other features you will see no this rock are metal veins moving through the rock. This may not be super obvious when you first look at it, but upon closer inspection you can move towards the rock and by looking directly at it the words copper deposit will appear on the screen so you can be sure. These are found in the black forest.

Another type of rock is the Tin ore rock. These silvery dense rocks are comprised of tin ore. Once the player destroys these rocks they will be given a random amount of tin ore. Unlike the copper deposit which drops both copper ore and stone, the tin deposit will only drop Tin ore.

How to Destroy Rocks

To destroy the three types of rocks mentioned above you will need to get yourself a pickaxe. Any type of pickaxe will be strong enough to destroy the basic rocks and both of the deposits mentioned above, To get your first pickaxe of the game you are going to have to beat the first forsaken creature who is named Eikthyr. You can read this guide to help you defeat this boss creature.

Once you have defeated Eikthyr you will be given a material known as Hard Antler. Inside the Workshop menu you will see a new recipe that is able to be crafter called the antler pickaxe. Equip this pickaxe, once crafted, by putting it in your inventory and right-clicking on it. Alternatively, you can assign the pickaxe to one of the quick bar slots at the top of your inventory. These are the numbered slots.

Once you have the pickaxe equipped you can face a rock and left click. It may take a few hits to destroy the rock depending on how dense it is and what pickaxe you are using. If you want to destroy rocks faster you are going to have to work your way up the different types of Valheim metals and craft an even better pickaxe.

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