How to Fast Travel in Necesse

In procedurally generated survival game Necesse, you will find yourself travelling across an archipelago of islands in order to progress through the game. One of the main themes of the game is travelling and exploring at your own pace and moving through the world. But what if you want to fast travel to get to places quicker?

There is a fast travel system in place in Necesse although it’s not very apparent until later in the game. This guide will show you how to fast travel back to your base and how to move quickly across the islands.


Fast Travelling To Different IslandsFast Travelling Back to Spawn
Obtaining Travel ScrollObtaining Recall Scroll
How to Use Travel ScrollHow to Use the Recall Scroll

How to Fast Travel to Different Islands in Necesse

First of all, we will talk about how you can move quickly across the different island maps in Necesse. There is an item in the game which allows you to move to a nearby island when you use it. This is called the Travel Scroll.

Obtaining Fast Travel scroll

These scrolls can be found as loot from the caves biome. They can also be purchased from the mage for 108 coins. Make sure you get a lot of them if you plan on travelling far as each time you travel you will consume the item and need a second one to travel again.

Using the Travel Scroll

It is quite easy to use these scrolls once they are in your inventory. Simply open up your inventory using the E key, then find the scroll. Drag it with your cursor using the left mouse button and then drag it out of the inventory like in the image below.

Then, simply use the left mouse button again and you will be shown the map screen. Here you can see which islands are available to fast travel to. You can only fast travel to islands within 2 islands of your current location. This can be horizontal, vertical or even diagonal. Make sure you bring a boat along as when you use a fast travel scroll you will spawn in the ocean at the edge of the map.

How to Fast Travel Back to Spawn in Necesse

There is another scroll which allows the player to teleport back to their base as well. This scroll can be used wherever the player is on the map. Once used the player will teleport to their spawn location. This is the last bed that they have used and set as a spawn.

How to Get Recall Scrolls

The best way to get these scrolls is by purchasing them. You can purchase scrolls from a mage. Mages can be found randomly living in villages. You will need 47 coins to purchase 1 scroll. Another way to obtain the recall scroll is by finding it as loot. It is a loot drop that can be found by by looting random chests found in the Caves biome. This is the cave you can access and can be entered by using the Ladder Down item.

Using a Recall Scroll

These scrolls are used in the exact same way as the first scroll, although you won’t be able to choose a location. As soon as you use one of these scrolls you ll be sent back to your spawn location.

It is always a good idea to take a few of these along with you when you are going on adventures. Especially if you are returning from a boss fight like the Void Wizard. Then you will have loot on you that you will definitely not want to risk losing.


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