How to Fish in Necesse – Fishing Guide

Necesse is a survival crafting game and unsurprisingly has an element of hunger included. Like most survival games you will have to feed your character in order to stay healthy and keep the HP levels high. One type of food that players can gather is fish. Players can go fishing and catch fish to cook.

This guide will show you everything you need to get started fishing in Necesse and get yourself a reliable food source. It will also give some insight into automating your fishing by hiring a fisherman to your settlement!


How to Craft a Fishing Rod
Getting Bait for Fishing
Using the Fishing Rod to Catch Fish
Hiring an Angler to Catch Fish For You (Automated Fishing)

How to Get Started Fishing in Necesse

This part of the guide will go over some of the basic steps on fishing in Necesse. It will cover crafting the fishing rod in order to actually go fishing, how to get bait to use for fishing and how to employ a settler to do fishing for you.

Crafting a Fishing Rod

First of all, you will have to craft your own fishing rod in order to get started. The Wood Fishing Rod can be crafted at the first crafting station in the game, the Workstation. This can be crafted from your inventory using 10 wood logs.

You will need to find some iron before you can make the fishing rod

Now that you have a workstation, you can use it by pressing the right-mouse button on it. From there, you can craft a wood fishing rod using the following items:

  • 10 Wooden Logs
  • 1 Iron Bar
  • 1 Tree Sapling

The wood fishing rod will be instantly crafted once you select the recipe from the workstation. The items needed can be used in your inventory or even placed in a chest nearby to the workstation. Now that you have a wood fishing rod you can place it in the hot-bar on the bottom of the inventory. You will also need bait to fish.

How to Get Bait in Necesse

Now that you have a rod you are halfway there! You will also need to gather some bait in order to fish. The easiest bait you can gather in Necesse would be worms. Worms can be gathered by destroying the small tufts of grass present on most islands. Just smash them down using any weapon or tool and there will be a chance that you will get worms.

Worms can be gathered by breaking down grass

Worms will be automatically used as bait when you are using the fishing rod. You can see how much bait you have in total by checking out the text over the fishing rod in your inventory.

Fishing Using the Fishing Rod

Now that you have a rod and some bait you are able to start catching fish! Find yourself any body of water on your island. You can fish either in a lake, river or in the ocean as well. Where you are fishing will govern which type of fish you are able to catch. Now, point your cursor out towards the water. Left-click in order to cast out your hook.

Different bodies of water will hold different fish to catch in Necesse

Now we have to play the waiting game. Fishing is for patient people. After a while, you will see a the silhouette of a fish circle around the hook. This will circle the hook briefly and eventually the fish will bite. When this happens you will see the float go slightly deeper into the water. Once this happens, left click once again and you will (hopefully) catch a fish! Make sure not to wait too long or you will lose the fish! You can see how this will look in the image below.

Fish will circle the bait before coming in for a bite

As you can see it is not so different from the above image so you will have to look carefully! Don’t worry too much if you mistime the catch and don’t get the fish. Simply wait for the next one to appear. So, get ready for the fish to bite and the left-click. Ta da! You’ve caught yourself a fish! Hopefully the first of many!

Recruiting a Fisherman to Automate Fishing

One of my personal favorite aspects of Necesse is the ability to bring NPCs to your settlement and automate some of the grindy tasks of the game. You can hire villagers to plant and harvest wood so you basically will never have to chop down wood again. You can also do this with gathering fish.

Search out angler NPCs and ask them to join your settlement. First you will have to craft a settlement flag and place it down somewhere. Then, get an angler to your settlement and build them a house. These NPCs will automatically go out and catch fish for you. You will not even have to provide them with a rod or bait at all. Then can be spoken with and they will give you all the fish they have caught so far, or you can have them place the fish in one specific place.

You also speak directly to any anglers living at your settlement and send them out on a fishing trip. By doing this you can gather any specific type of fish you want. This will be important if you are trying to craft different types of potions.

The fisherman will ask for a certain amount of coins depending on what type of fish you want caught. Obviously the rarer the fish, the more money the angler will request from you. They will be gone for a while to go and get the fish and eventually return with your catch!


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