How To Fly in 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is what some would call Minecraft with Zombies. The game takes the all too familiar block-based building system and throws a realistic spin on it. Although the two share similarities in the building system there are many area where they differentiate from each other. For example, for many people who love to build, Minecraft has a mode called Creative Mode where players can fly around with unlimited resources and build to their heart’s content. 7 Days to Die may not have a creative mode right from the main menu but using cheats you can actually fly.

How to Enable Flying in 7 Days to Die

To turn on flying mode follow the following steps when in game in 7 Days to Die:

  1. Open the console using the F1 key
  2. Type the command debugmenu (or just dm) and press enter
  3. Press the ESC key to open the menu
  4. Check the box which reads “Fly mode”
  5. You can now fly around

Using the above steps you’ll be able to fly around your 7 Days to Die map as much as you want. Alternatively, you can toggle the ability on and off by pressing H key on your keyboard once the debug menu is enabled.

There are many different options available from the ESC menu

You can disable flying by unchecking the box again. You can see from the menu there are a bunch of other options that you can enable for your character as well such as god mode. God mode allows your character to take no damage from attacks.

Flying Controls – 7 Days to Die

Mostly, the controls don’t differ too much from general movement in the game. You can still move forwards and backwards using the W and S keys respectively. Left and right are still the same as well with the A and S key. The general flying controls are:

  • WASD: Move forward, back, left and right
  • SPACEBAR: Move up
  • C: Move down
  • SHIFT (hold): Sprint/Move faster
Show those vultures who’s boss by flying up to their level!

How to Fly the Gyrocopter in 7 Days to Die

There is anther way to fly legally in 7 Days to Die as well. If the character has gotten all perks in the Grease monkey skill tree they will be able to craft themselves an actual flying vehicle in the game. The Gyrocopter can e used to travel quickly around the map in the air. You’ll need quite a few parts to build one and have to maintain your fuel level as well. The Gyrocopter is fairly difficult to fly around in and will take a few test flights in order to master the controls.

Controlling the gyrocopter is no small feat

Gyrocopter Controls

  • W: Power up rotors
  • S: Power down rotors
  • A: Bank Left
  • S: Bank Right
  • Space: Angle Up
  • C: Angle down

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