How to get an Axe – Project Zomboid Build 41

Need to obtain some wood for creating your base? We are going to look at some of the ways of obtaining an axe in Project Zomboid build 41 and some of the uses for the axe. Where to find an axe in Project Zomboid:

Ways of getting an Axe

There are 2 ways of getting an axe in Project Zomboid build 41; Looting one from a container, car, or body, or crafting yourself a Stone Axe.

Looting an axe

To get a Hand Axe, or 2 handed axe you will have to look around the map. Although axes are quite rare in Project Zomboid, there are some locations to look out for to give yourself a better chance. 2 of these locations are the Lumber Mills of the map and Fire Station. There is a Lumber Mill to the north west of the Muldraugh map. (If you have a map of Muldraugh look for the large area to the North West of town, if not click the link Lumber Mill above.)

You have a better chance of finding an axe while looking in storage rooms of houses and inside sheds and garages. Axes can spawn on the industrial shelves you can see against the walls and inside wooden crates. Even if you do get to these locations there is no guarantee that you will find one! It may take you several in-game days to get yourself an axe through looting. If you are in a rush and desperately need an axe then your best option is to craft an axe.

How to Craft an Axe in Project Zomboid

You can craft a stone axe (previously known as Raw Axe) quite easily at any point in the game. You will only need 3 ingredients, 2 of which can be acquired through foraging for materials. The third ingredient can be ripped sheets from clothing. You can forage by right clicking a forage-able area of grassland and selecting forage. (Check out this guide to learn how to forage). You can filter exactly what type of items to yield from your foraging by selecting them on the left side of the menu.

Foraging in Project Zomboid Build 41

Select materials and wait until you have gotten some tree branches and chipped stone. These are the only 2 items you will need to make your very own stone axe. Then, select an unused piece of clothing and rip it into sheets.

Now, go to the crafting menu and go to the survivalist tab to find Stone Axe. You can select which materials you want to use to create a stone axe and craft it. Be aware that the stone axe will be fairly flimsy at first. How durable the axe is depends on your crafting skill level.

What is my axe good for?

Axes are used in an incredible amount of crafting items. you will need an axe to chop trees and cut up materials for your constructions. Depending on what you are breaking down, some items will require you to have either a hand saw, or axe to be able to take them apart effectively. Basically is you are planning on surviving a long time in Project Zomboid, you better plan on getting an axe soon. Due to the fact you need one to cut trees, they are essential if you want to level up carpentry in Project Zomboid as well. Hydrocraft along with a great deal of other mods may add more axes or different ways of acquiring an axe in Project Zomboid. This guide has solely focused on the iwbums build 41 vanilla version of Project Zomboid. For more information on Hydrocraft click here.


To recap, find an axe from crates or store areas in sheds or at hardware stores.

Craft an axe from foraging chipped stone and tree branches. Combine them with ripped sheets in the crafting menu under survivalist.

I hope this guide has helped you fulfil your Project Zomboid dreams of axe ownership. Stay tuned for more guides for Project Zomboid Build 41.


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