How to get clay in Stardew Valley

The following is a guide on how to get clay in Stardew Valley. Clay is useful in a number of crafting recipes and used in the construction of the Silo.

4 Methods of finding clay

We are going to break down the 4 main ways to obtain clay in the game.

Method 1: Using the Hoe on Tillable ground

By using the Hoe on the ground you may find pieces of clay. This is a completely random chance of finding clay and you will find you have to till a great deal of land before you find a great amount of clay. You can use any type of Hoe on the ground but obviously you will be able to till more tiles with an upgraded Hoe and thus, improve your chances at finding clay.

Method 2: Using the Hoe on Worms and Twigs

A method with possibly the highest chance of success if using the worms method. While walking around the map of Stardew Valley you may occasionally come across worms sticking out of the ground (see the picture below). These are a great source of clay and other random items. Simply use the Hoe on the ground where you see the worms and there is a good chance you will will earn 2-3 pieces of clay. You may also find something that you can donate to the museum.

Till the spot in the soil where you see worms squirming around to net yourself some sweet clay

Method 3: Mining rocks in the mines

You also have a random chance of finding clay whilst mining rocks with the pickaxe. You can find clay in rocks both inside the mines and outside in the fresh air. This is a possibly the worst method of yielding clay as there is very little chance for it to drop from rocks. That being said sometimes you will get Geodes to be cracked open, which leads me to the 4th and final method of finding clay:

You can sometimes find clay by breaking rocks in Stardew Valley

Method 4: Having Clint break open Geodes

Occasionally when mining or fishing you will come across geodes of different types. You can take these geodes to the blacksmith shop on the far eastern side of the town under the Joja-Mart. In there you can pay Clint 25g to break open the geodes. Sometimes you may get lucky and find clay inside the Geodes.

Occasionally you will get clay from Geodes broken in Clint’s shop

And that does it. Those are all the methods of obtaining clay in Stardew Valley. Hopefully that should put you on your way to becoming clay rich!

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