How to Get Contracts in Battle Brothers (and Noble House Contracts!)

Battle Brothers will see you captaining a group of mercenaries around a game world in search of glory and of course, coin. In Battle Brothers the primary way to get Crowns the in-game currency is by completing contracts for settlements and noble houses.

This guide will show you how to take contracts and how to unlock the well-paying contracts from noble houses later on in the game.


How to Find Contracts
Taking on and Completing Contracts
How to Unlock Contracts from Noble Houses

How to Get Contracts in Battle Brothers

To begin with, it can be rather difficult figuring out how the game works. Battle Brothers is a difficult game, you can expect to lose the first few tries. Contracts are one of the best ways to earn money in the game. These are missions that are given out by settlement where your party will be rewarded upon completion.

To find and start a contract you must go to settlements. Early in your campaign you will only be able to take contracts from smaller villages. Once you have built up a solid reputation, you will be able to unlock well-paying contracts in towns and given by noble houses.

To look for contracts first move to the closest small village near your party. Once at the village, you can click on it to enter it. You are now at the village screen. If there is a contract available in this settlement, there will be some banners at the top left of this screen as in the image below.

There are three difficulties in regards to contracts. 1 skull is the easiest, then comes two with 3 skulls being the most difficult. There is only one currently available in the town I am at in the image above and it is of medium difficulty.

Taking and Completing Contracts

Now that we can see there is a contract available, we can see what type of contract it is. To learn more about it, select the contract on the top left. You will then learn a little more about the contract before you decide whether you would like to take it or not.

You should always be careful whether you can actually complete the contract or not. It is always better to be safe than sorry. That contract may pay well but there are always risks involved. Once the contract outline is given to you, you can start to negotiate the payment. Depending on the type of contract there will be a few different areas you can negotiate on.

In the contract above, the mercenary company will be hired to protect a travelling caravan and fight off any attackers. In this type of contract it is possible to negotiate on the payment you will receive in advance, when the work is done, or even per enemy slain.

Your company’s reputation will decide how likely the contract-giver is to accept any negotiation attempts. You can also gain more negotiation attempts by hiring a follower called The Negotiator. Be aware that the more you negotiate on the price of a contract, the less renown your party will receive when the contract is completed. For maximum renown gain, you should not negotiate on the price at all.

How to Unlock Noble House Contracts

It will take a while for your company to build up enough renown to unlock the noble contracts. You will have to have a renown level of 1050 before these can be unlocked. The noble contracts will not be automatically unlocked once you reach this renown level however. Unlocking noble contracts is tied to a specific ambition.

As long as your ambition is around 850 you have a chance for this ambition to be selected.Simply make sure you complete your current ambition (or simply cancel it if it is taking too long.) You can cancel an ambition by left-clicking your current ambition at the top left of the screen. There will be a pop-up asking if you’re sure about cancelling it.

After a couple of in-game days you will be asked to choose a new ambition for the company. Once of these ambitions will be to Catch the Eye of a Noble House.

Once your company renown reaches 1050 the ambition will be fulfilled and noble contract automatically unlocked. You can then find these randomly in settlements where faction nobles are present. The high-paying noble contracts will be found in large towns and castles.


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