How to Get Engineering Research in Kenshi

Research and crafting can be a very important part of Kenshi. Being able to have a self-sustaining base will save you a lot of running around. If you have set up your base chances are you have begun using a research bench. For advanced research you will have to start using an item called engineering research. Read this guide to find out where you can find it.

What is Engineering Research?

Engineering Research is an item that can be found in Kenshi. The item has the tags Unique and Research Artifact. Unique items in Kenshi are not apart of the random spawn system. There are a set amount of these items spawned in any game world. These items are consumed at the research bench on specific research items. These are mainly to do with building.

The in-game description for Engineering Research
The in-game description for the Engineering Research item

The Engineering Research has a red in-game icon. It takes up 4 small squares of inventory space in a character’s inventory. The price for engineering research is locked at 8,000 cats.

Where to Find Engineering Research in Kenshi

There are a few places that the player can get engineering research from. As it is considered an Artifact it will spawn in some ruins randomly. Engineering Research is almost guaranteed to spawn at old workshop ruins. These include Post-ancient workshops and deadlands workshops to name a few. Simply find these locations on the map by searching and loot the storage units inside the workshops.

A deadlands workshop from Kenshi
Workshops such as this one in the Black Desert have Engineering Research to be found

Keep in mind that these areas are generally heavily guarded. There are more often than not security spider bots at these locations. In the deadlands there are also generally guard robots as well. There are a few areas that are a little bit easier to find engineering research than others such as:

  • Purchase one from the Scraphouse:
    There is a store next to the Black Desert City in the middle of the map. This store sells rare and exotic items in the game. They almost always have an extra Engineering Research in stock so if yiou have 8,000 cats to spare and acid rain protection, head over there.
  • Workshops with little defenses:
    There are some lootable ancient workshops in the game with little to no enemies guarding them. You can find 2 such workshops in an area known as The Grid. This is South-West of the swamp area on the map. There is also a single workshop in the north-west of the map. Head to the area known as the Purple sands and look for the workshop there.
This workshop in the Purple Sands area is completely un-guarded

Purchasing engineering research from the Scraphouse is fairly straight-forward. Head in there go to the second story and purchase it from the vendor. Once you get to a ruins you will actually have to search the area. Engineering Research will generally be found in locked storage containers and safes. You might have to train the lockpicking skill on one of your characters in order to open up the loot crate.


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