How to Get Gold in Necesse

In Necesse you will be mining and crafting your way through a series of different bosses. As you slowly build up your settlement and progress through the game you will use a range of different materials to craft items. Once of the metals you can find and craft with is Gold.

This guide will show you where you can find gold in Necesse, how you can mine it and how to turn it into usable gold ingots.

How to Find Gold

The first task on our mission to getting gold is actually finding out where it is. Luckily enough gold is relatively easy to find. Very early on in the game if you’re lucky enough you can find yourself some gold. Gold is found underground. You can access underground by crafting the item Ladder Down, placing it down and using it. To craft this, gather 10 pieces of wood and craft it straight out of your inventory. (E)

Now, use the ladder to get underground. It will be a good idea to bring both a pickaxe and torches before you get down. It will be very dark underground without a light source. You can craft torches using a tree sapling and some wooden logs. To craft your first pickaxe, create a workstation and bring some 8 wooden logs of any type. Now we are ready to explore underground!

Grab a big stack of torches before entering the underground. You can quickly place torches where your cursor is by using the R key. Now that we are underground we are going to look for a specific type of ore buried in the rock walls. You are looking for rocks with small golden pieces in them. You can check out the image below for an idea of what you should be looking for.

Now that we have found some gold it’s time to get to work getting it out of the wall!

How to Mine Gold

First, we will have to equip the pickaxe that we crafted earlier. To do this, equip the pickaxe to your hot-bar at the bottom of the inventory. Now either click on the item or use the scroll wheel to select the pickaxe. Once it it highlighted you will have it equipped!

You will notice that when you put your mouse cursor over a rock there will be a white square around it. This will show you which rock you are going to be mining with your pickaxe. Put your mouse over the gold ore and start chipping away at the rock. Hold down the left mouse button until the rock has been separated from the wall!

Congratulations! You now have yourself some gold ore! Whilst you aren’t exactly going to be rich off a couple of small ore pieces this is certainly a good start. The next thing we want to do with the gold is smelt it down into usable gold bars. Gold will have to be processed before we can start using it to craft weapons and armor to use.

Crafting Gold Bars in Necesse

Now that we have some gold we will need to process it into gold bars in order to craft with it. To do this, we are going to have to first craft a Forge. The forge can be crafted at the Workstation using 20 pieces of any type of stone. Craft yourself a forge and place it down somewhere to start using it. Now that it is placed down, approach the forge and use the right mouse button to access the crafting menu.

You will need 4 gold ore to craft 1 gold bar at the forge. You will see the option will be greyed out if you do not have enough of this material. You will also need to provide a fuel source for the forge in order to craft things here. This can either be coal or wood.

Now that you have some gold bars you can craft some nice weaponry or armor over at the anvil! It would be very helpful to craft yourself some gold gear before you plan on fighting the first boss in Necesse, Evil’s Protector. This will make the fight a lot easier as it is the best gear you can get up until this point in the game.


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