How to Get Wood/Logs in Kitaria Fables

Kitaria Fables has finally released to a great reception. From questing to defeating monsters in the forest, there are plenty of things to keep you busy in this cute cat RPG adventure. Kitaria Fables also features an extensive crafting system where you can craft objects from different materials found in the wild. This guide will tell you how you can get wood to craft items in the game.

How to Get Logs

Getting logs is relatively simple in Kitaria Fables. Once you progress through the starting quests in the start of the game you will eventually gain access to some tools that you can use on the farm. The chest of tools will also include an axe. This axe can then be used to chop down small pieces of wood and some trees as well in order to get logs.

Cutting small wooden logs on the farm to get wood for crafting

This can be confusing because at first you aren’t given any tools to obtain logs but you can access the shops and see that you need them. If you’ve already gotten to the stage where you have an axe and can’t figure out how to use it, scroll down.

How to Use and Axe to Get Logs

In Kitaria Fables you have a bunch of different weapons and tools at your disposal. The axe is just one of these. First, you’ll have to equip the axe before it can be used to get wood. To do this, press the TAB key to open up the inventory menu. You can either select the axe and press the F key to equip it directly, or attach it to your quickbar. Once it is in the quickbar you can equip and unequip it with one of the number keys.

Use the T key to bind an item to the quickbar

To assign the axe to the quickbar select the axe in your inventory and press the T key. You can now choose a numbered slot from 5 to 8 to bind it to. Now that you have the axe equipped you can collect wood. There are two ways that you can chop wood and get logs in Kitaria Fables, by cutting up small logs, or cutting down trees.

Cutting Small Farm Logs

If you’ve at the farm and collected your tools you have probably already noticed some stones and logs lying around on the field. The quickest way to get some wood is to chop these up with the axe. They will respawn from time to time as well.

Cut a log, get two logs.

Breaking apart these trunks will net you two units of log. Not bad if you have a few lying around. Plus they are relatively easy to break up as it will only require a few hits with the most basic of axes. That being said there is a more efficient way of getting wood….

Cutting Down Trees in Kitaria Fables

You can also cut down trees in Kitaria Fables to get even more wood! Great! That being said, not all trees around the world can be cut down. To cut down trees you’re going to have to find some specific ones. To begin with, the only trees that can be cut down are going to sparkle. This is the same sparkles you can see on the random breakable items on the farm. Whenever you see sparkles like this, the resource can be harvested.

Trees that can be harvested will sparkle.

So far in the game, I’ve only found one location where you can cut down trees. Luckily this is as close as you can get to the shops! There are trees that can be harvested in the town. Just go to the town exit and you should find a couple of trees there to cut down. Also, in the north east corner of the town there are a few more trees that can be cut down with your axe. Even your basic copper axe can cut down trees so you don’t have to worry about upgrading it too early on.

Every time you cut down a tree you will be given 5 logs.


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