How to make kibble in Rimworld

We are going to break down exactly what you are going to need to make kibble in Rimworld. Kibble is used as animal feed and can also be used to satisfy your colonists’ hunger if you are in a tight spot and don’t have any alternatives. It can be used to train and tame almost any animal in Rimworld.

What do I need to make kibble?

Kibble in comprised of two main ingredients:

  • A vegetarian or plant-based food type. e.g. Corn, Rice and even Haygrass
  • A meat based food type. e.g. Horse meat, monkey meat, etc.
  • A butcher table or butcher spot. Please note that when using a butcher spot your efforts will only yield 35 units of kibble, whereas the butcher table will produce 50 units.
  • A pawn assigned to cooking

If you have all of the things listed above congratulations. You are capable of cooking up some delicious kibble for your happy little animals (or possibly some unhappy little colonists.)

How to start the kibble creation job

To start creating kibble in Rimworld, select either your butcher spot or table and select the ‘Add Bill’ menu. From there you will see the option to ‘Make Kibble’ from meat and vegetable products.

A colonist assigned to the Cook job will then come by and make the kibble automatically. If you’d like to speed the process of making kibble up then I suggest you put the Kibble job higher in the butcher table queue, select a cooking pawn and right click on the table to have them do the job immediately.

More on the pros on cons of kibble

Kibble is a great way to feed your animals and tame new ones in Rimworld. Some of the great features about kibble include;

  • Being able to add human and insect meat into a food source
  • Using meat based products to feed animals that wouldn’t usually consume meat
  • Turning haygrass into a food source edible for humans
  • It doesn’t have a spoil time (lasts forever) if kept indoors. (It will still deteriorate when left outside)

That concludes our guide to kibble in Rimworld. We hope you found some helpful tips and answers in the guide and as usual, if you have any more questions or comments about Rimworld leave a comment below.

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