How to Raid in Rimworld Ideology

Rimworld Ideology is finally here and with it a bunch of new content. One of the main features added to the game is the ability to create your own religion. Ideologies are created with a set of values and beliefs in Rimworld. These will determine the rituals your colonists perform as part of their religion and the actions they take.

The Raider meme in Ideology

One of the Memes you can choose as part of a custom religion is the Raider meme. This will mean that colonists apart of this ideology will want to raid others every now and then. But what does this mean in the game and how do you perform it? Read on to find out how.

How to Raid in Rimworld Ideology

If you’ve noticed that your pawns are starting to have their moods dropped due to a lack of raiding this should help you out. One of the hardest parts of being a raider Ideology is keeping up the frequent raids to make the colony happy. From time to time you will see small areas appear on the world map. These will present opportunities for your colony to raid. These can be small mining camps that will have some valuable materials or other small areas. If your colonists haven’t raided anything in a long time they will have the No Recent Conquest debuff which has a penalty of -18 on their moods. A very large debuff.

The No Recent Conquest penalty is quite large

You will see these appear as quests and on the notifications area on the right side of the screen. These will open up to your colony at random so keep an eye out. Once it happens you should be able to see another point on your world map which is generally nearby. As far as I’ve played they seem to happen pretty often if you have a Raider type Ideology. One of the ways you can ensure you will have something to raid is to edit your Rituals when creating the Ideology. If you add the reward that your colony will find Discover Ancient Complex as part of the successful ritual, you will always be able to generate something to raid. This will place a point on your map that can be interacted with.

Getting to The Raid and Winning

Once you have a place that you can raid on your map, you can actually go and raid it the same way you would go and trade with another faction. You start a caravan. Make sure to bring some tough pawns and good weapons along for the raid. A pack animal or 2 can’t hurt either. Start the caravan with everything you need, send the caravan over to the area and have them beat whoever is present. The places generated to raid are generally made-up factions that won’t influence your relation with any of the major factions in the game.

You can raid by sending a caravan to a location on the map

Once your caravan has made it to the point on the map, right click on the point and select Investigate “raid area”. The game will generate a map for the encounter and your caravan will unload there. Your colonists will have to fight the occupants. Generally 2 or 3 good pawns can take down a small camp. your reward will depend on the type of camp that was present in the area. The best part is that your colonists will get a large mood buff that should last a long time. Be aware that if any colonists fail the raid and get downed they may be imprisoned by the faction that you were attacking or lost forever.

Remember to keep your raider colonists happy with constant conquests!


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