How to Rename a Colony/Faction in Rimworld

In Rimworld you are tasked with creating a colony of pawns with different stories, names and skillsets. One of the best parts about Rimworld is the open Sandbox nature of the game. This allows the players to get creative with their tactics and of course naming. After you land, you will have a short moment to get started before you are tasked with picking a name for your colony.

If you are unhappy with the name that you chose for your colony and with to rename the colony, then this article will be for you! I am going to show you two of the ways that you can rename your colony after starting in Rimworld.

Two Different Methods to Rename Colony

To begin with, there are two different options we can go down if we wish to change the name of our colony. There is one option of simply adding a mod which allows the player to change the colony name. Then there is the second option which you can do int the vanilla version of Rimworld without installing anything. This is done with the dev mode tools.

Changing Colony Name With Mods
Changing Colony Name With Developer Mode
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Changing Your Colony Name Using Mods

If you’ve already got 100 mods running on your version of Rimworld, why not add another? There is one mod which makes it very easy to change the name of your colony after you’ve already started a game. This very simple mod titled RenameColony adds an icon to your UI which allows you to change the name of your faction and colony whenever you wish.

To rename your colony using this mod, simply install the mod, (which is available on the steam workshop), and select the icon which the mod creates at the bottom right of the screen. You will see a message like the one in the image above appear on the screen. Here you can change the name of your faction and colony to whatever you wish!

How to Change Your Colony Name in Rimworld in Dev Mode

If you aren’t fond of downloading mods or simply want to change the name using dev tools then this sections is for you! The colony name can be changed very easily if you are using the Developer Mode in Rimworld. You can check out this guide on how to activate dev mode. (It’s super easay and you can do it from the in-game settings menu!)

Once you have dev mode enabled boot up your game as usual. You will see some new buttons on the overlay at the top of the screen. (Near your pawn’s icons). Now, select the Debug Actions Menu icon as shown in the image above. This is the fourth from the left.

With this menu open you will see a large amount of different dev actions you can take in the game. The one actions we are looking for is called Name settlement… You can use the search bar at the top left of the screen to filter this. Simply type name as I have in the screenshot below.

Select Name Settlement… then you can select to rename either the Faction, Settlement or Both given the three options available to you. A popup will appear asking you to name the settlement/faction. Simply rename this to whatever you wish then select OK. Congratulations! You have now renamed your settlement or faction (without installing any mods).

You can choose to toggle developer mode off again if you wish via the options menu. If you have multiple colonies in your Rimworld save, you will have to mode your screen to the specific colony you wish to rename. This can be done by selecting one of the character portraits at the top of the screen who is currently in that settlement.


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