How to Repair Items in Battle Brothers

In Battle Brothers items such as weapons and armor will sometimes fall into disrepair. Each item has it’s own set of HitPoints depending on the quality. When weapons are used, their durability will be decreased. let them hit 0 and they will be lost.

This guide will show you how to repair your weapons and armor in Battle Brothers and get them back to their best shape. It will also show how you can select which items to repair and which to leave alone.


Repairing Items While Travelling
Repairing Items that Aren’t Equipped
Repairing Weapons and Armor Instantly at Towns

How to Repair Weapons and Armor Passively Whilst Travelling

As the method is the same for both weapons and armor we can talk about them both together. Whilst you are fighting armor and shield will take damage from your enemies. This will have to be repaired otherwise, they can sometimes be lost when they hit 0. For every item that is currently equipped to your brothers, they will be automatically repaired. This includes weapons, shields and armor. They will only be repaired however, as long as you have Tools and Supplies in your inventory.

Tools and Supplies will allow your party to automatically repair all of your items. This will happen as you travel around the main map screen. By camping at any place (By pressing the T key or selecting the option from the top right) you will repair equipment faster. If your party runs out of supplies, they will stop repairing items.

How to Repair Items That are Not Equipped

It is also possible for your party to repair items that are no equipped to them. This is great if you find some items in disrepair and wish to sell them to a town. To mark an item to be repaired by your party, open up the Inventory and navigate to the item. Now, hold down the ALT key and Right-click the item. This will set it to be repaired.

Items that are currently set to be repaired will have a yellow repair symbol on their thumbnail as in the image above. These items will eventually be repaired to 100% and then stopped. You will be able to sell these items for a larger price in towns and villages.

How to Repair Items Instantly for a Fee in Battle Brothers

It is also possible to have your equipment repaired in some towns and villages as well. You can pay a fee per item to have them restored to peak condition. This will only cost you crowns and not any time or supplies. You can enter any Weaponsmith or Blacksmith to have your items repaired. You can use either type of shop to repair any of your items.

To have your items repaired at a shop hover over the item. Now just like designating something to be repaired you can have it instantly repaired by holding the ALT key and using the Right mouse button. You can see how much the item will cost to be repaired by hovering over the item.


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