How to Sneak Attack/Stealth Kill – Project Zomboid

One of the many mechanics available to the player in this hardcore survival RPG is the ability to use stealth to sneak around your enemies. By moving slower and keeping your body low, you can use the darkness, rain and other means to sneak by those unwanted guests. One of the more advanced features available to the player is the ability to sneak up on enemies and perform a sneak attack. I will show you how in this article.

As always Project Zomboid is still in development. This means the games features, content and mechanics are all subject to change in updates. To keep up with the latest development news check out the official Project Zomboid website.

If You’re wondering how to sneak in project Zomboid, check out this article instead.

What is a Stealth Kill in Project Zomboid?

A stealth kill is an advanced technique that the layer can use on enemies in Project Zomboid. If the player managed to move close enough to a zombie with the appropriate weapon equipped on their character, they will be able to do big damage to the zombie’s health. The sneak attack will instantly kill the opponent. This is providing, it is done correctly.

Never stood a chance

How to Perform a Stealth Kill/Assassination in Project Zomboid

In order to perform a sneak attack and take down a zombie easily you are going to need specific weapons. For example, you aren’t able to perform a stealth kill with large blunt weapons like the baseball bat. You will have to experiment with weapons to see if they are compatible but in my experience, it is generally short, bladed weapons which work for this. I have used the knifes such as the kitchen and combat knives to perform a stealth kill. You can also use the screwdriver to assassinate the dead.

Wait for your character to raise their arm before you attack

To perform a stealth kill put your character in the sneak mode by pressing the C key. Now, with an appropriate weapon equipped move close behind an enemy while remaining undetected. When you move close enough to perform a sneak attack your character will raise their left arm like in the image above. Now, just press the attack button (left mouse button) and your character will perform a sneak attach and instantly kill the zombie.

Although it can be hard at first to sneak up on enemies, you can actually perform sneak attacks without having any levels in the Sneak skill at all. For testing purposes, the character I made doesn’t have a single skill in any skill tree outside of strength and fitness. They are skill able to perform a stealth kill. Obviously getting a higher sneak skill level will allow you to sneak up on enemies better. So keep that in mind when trying this for yourself. Darkness and loud weather condition also improve your chances at not being detected.


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