How to Sneak/Crouch In Project Zomboid – Build 41

In Project Zomboid you will face a large world completely full of undead. If your strategy is to go full on, shooting and hacking your way through the horde, chances are your run is not going to last for a very long time. One things that can help you here is the ability to sneak. By sneaking in Project Zomboid, you may be able to slip past your enemies completely unnoticed. The best way to not get attacked in Project Zomboid is to avoid the confrontation altogether. This guide will show you how to sneak.

How to Sneak in Project Zomboid (Build 41)

  • To sneak in project Zomboid Build 41 simply press the ‘C’ key by default. This will place your character in sneak mode. You can toggle sneak on and off using the C key.

This will not make you completely invisible to the undead, but it will certainly help you steer clear of them. If the ‘C’ button does not make your character sneak in-game, check the options menu and see if you have accidentally bound another key to the sneak function. Read on for more helpful information about sneak in the game. In previous build of the game the Right mouse button was used to sneak around. This was changed a few updates ago.

Check your Key Bindings in the options menu if the C key does not work.

Now that your character can sneak, to level up your sneaking skill you will have to sneak around within close proximity to zombies. Your sneak skill will not increase if you are running around in circles within a house alone. If you’ve ever played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you will see the similarities between the leveling of the sneak skill.

Every time you sneak near an enemy you will gain experience in the sneak skill

Each level in sneaking will make your character better at staying hidden while in sneak mode. Zombies will notice you less, and coupled with the ‘Lightfooted’ skill you can become a very quiet walker indeed.

Sneaking can help you stay on the down-low from your enemies. With large hordes constantly being apart of the game, one of the quickest ways the player can be defeated is simply by picking fights with many different zombies at once. By leveling up the sneak skill, the player can become less noticeable to their zombie enemies and survive for a lot longer.

Light Conditions and Stealth

There are other factors that influence your enemies sight as well. Apart from just sneaking around, you should try to keep to the shadows as much as possible. Zombies won’t be able to see you as easily if you are sneaking around at night or in certain weather conditions. (Such as fog or heavy rain).

Once the skill has been trained a lot the player will very often be able to pass by very large groups on enemies completely unnoticed. It will have to be noted that this will have no effect if the player is on a PvP server playing Project Zomboid in Multiplayer. But, being able to sneak past zombies is a great skill to have none-the-less.

I hope this guide helped you stay away from those deadly hordes. Let me know in the comments below if you love using sneak to become a silent assassin in Project Zomboid Build 41, or if you are more of a run and gun kind of guy.


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