Necesse Animal Farm Guide | Taming Cows/Sheep

Necesse is a survival open world sandbox game similar to the likes of Minecraft and Terraria. In this game you can make use of a wide variety of gameplay features such as crafting, looting, exploring and even making your own settlement. One thing that you can do when you have your own settlement is keep your own cows and sheep as farm animals.

This guide will show you how you can get cows and sheep for your own and how you can harvest useful resources from them. It will show how to build a pen, useful items and catch the animals.

How to Get Cows and Sheep in Necesse

To begin with, the best place to start your farm would be one of the regular grass islands. Cows and sheep will naturally spawn on these types of island. Find yourself some green land that is not already occupied and we will start with the basics; somewhere to keep the cows and sheep. You can craft some wooden fences and wooden gates at the Workstation. This will only cost you wooden logs so they will be very easy to make.

Once you have a few crafted, lets go and make a fence to keep our farm animals in. Just equip the fences and place them down on the ground. Make sure to put a gate on the animal pen and make sure there are no holes in the fence, otherwise the animals can escape!

Now that we have ourselves a nice little pen, we are ready to go out and catch ourselves some farm animals.

How to Catch Cows and Sheep in Necesse

In order to go out and get out own cows, we will need a special type of tool. This is called a Rope. With the rope equipped, you are able to tie up some cattle or sheep and lead them wherever you wish. To get a rope, you will have to purchase it from either a Farmer NPC which can be found in most villages, or a Travelling Merchant. The travelling merchant will often visit your settlement, once you have one set up, and sell randomized goods.

The Rope item cannot be crafted in the current version of the game.

Once you have a rope, all you have to do is go and find some cows/sheep. Once you have found the animal you wish to bring home, equip the rope item. You can do this by dragging it to your quickbar and scrolling until it is lit up.

With the rope equipped, approach the animal and press the right-mouse button to attach the rope. With the rope attached to the animal you can now lead it around wherever you want. Lead the cow into the pen that you had previously built to accommodate it.

Catching a Cow in Necesse

To let the cow of the rope press the right mouse button while your cursor is on the cow. They will now be free to roam around in the pen. Make sure you close the door before you get out of the pen! Otherwise the animals can escape and begin roaming the map. You can do this as many times as you wish to keep collecting animals. The more animals you have, the more resources you can get on a daily basis!

Harvesting Farm Animals – Getting Wool From Sheep

Since we’ve already covered how to get milk from cows in Necesse, I will try to focus more on obtaining wool from sheep. This is very similar to how you would get milk from a cow, however the sheep will use a different tool. To get wool from your sheep, you will have to craft yourself a pair of Shears from the Anvil. Once you have these, you can extract wool from your sheep.

Sheep can be sheared for wool

TO get wool from your domesticated sheep in Necesse, approach them with the shears equipped. Once you are close enough, move your mouse over the sheep. You will see a prompted to shear them with the right-mouse button. Press this in to get yourself some useful wool!

You can shear each sheep once per day. They will take some time to grow their wool back. If you need a lot of wool, you will simply need to get more sheep.


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