Necesse Evil’s Protector Guide

The first boss that you will encounter and have to defeat in Necesse is Evil’s Protector. This large bat-like boss will likely give the player a pretty hard time as most of the enemies in the game are pretty tame up until this point.

This guide will show you how to summon Evil’s Protector, how to defeat it and show you what you can get after it is defeated.


Summoning Evil’s Protector

Battling Evil’s Protector

Loot and Items

A Video of the Full Boss Battle

How to Summon Evil’s Protector

The first thing you are going to need to know in order to defeat the boss is how to actually find it! This boss doesn’t have a specific location. It is actually summoned into the world using an item. You can summon Evil’s Protector basically anywhere on the map on any biome.

The Mysterious Portal is used to summon Evil’s Protector

To summon Evil’s Protector, you simply have to use the item Mysterious Portal anywhere on the island at night. Using this item will cause the boss to spawn in nearby/ Be careful after using it as the boss will drop in near your character’s location and if the player is under the beast when it lands they will take damage.

Where to Get a Mysterious Portal

The mysterious portal is an item that can be both found as a drop from creatures, or crafted. To spawn Evil’s Protector for the first time, the player will have to get one of these portals as loot as they can only be crafted after the boss has been defeated. They are crafted in the Demonic Workstation which is unlocked after defeating Evil’s Protector.

Mysterious Portals are pretty common loot found in the first caves you can encounter. Create a ladder down and use that to go to the second level. Here you will find a large rocky cave filled with monsters, iron and of course, loot! Explore these cavern until you find some storage boxes. They may be enclosed in rooms but you can easily break them open with a pickaxe if they are stone or an axe if they are wooden walls.

Mysterious Portals are pretty common loot in the caves

Keep finding these loot boxes until you find a mysterious portal in one. It shouldn’t take too long as they are a pretty common loot. Once you have a mysterious portal you are able to summon the boss during the night.

Battling Evil’s Protector

Once you have the mysterious portal you have all you need to start facing off against this boss. Try to find a nice open area to spawn the boss into. It doesn’t really make any sense to try to spawn the boss inside a room as it can shoot through walls and it will fly up and down anyway.


The best place would be a large open area where you can more around a lot to dodge the enemy’s attacks. Evil’s Protector will not only shoot projectiles but small spawners will also spawn nearby in the fight and enemies will come from there to attack the player as well. This is why an open area is the best.


Evil’s Protector has a few attacks at their disposal that they will use against the player. Luckily every attack that this creature makes is able to be dodged just by moving around. THere are three main attacks that Evil’s Protector will use:

  • Fireballs attack: These fireballs will shoot in a certain direction. Sometimes shot in clusters of three, but as the fight goes on they will shoot more often. Easily dodged.
  • Homing Balls: There are purple balls that will follow the player in radius around them. They are homing and will gravitate towards players but not as bad as the Blood Bolt.
  • Flying Dive: At certain Points in the fight Evil’s Protector will fly up into the air and change their attack to a mortal-like dropping attack called Volley Fireball. When the monster lands back on the ground if they hit the player this will also do big damage.
  • Volley Fireball: While the boss is in the air and unable to be attacked, they will drop fireballs on the player’s location. These can be dodged by moving around quickly. There is a red indicator in the ground showing there the bolt will land. The hit-box on these are quite small and they are easy to avoid.
Evil’s Protector will shoot fireballs toward the player

Recommended Weapons and Tactics

When fighting Evil’s Protector be sure to stay quick on your feet. Most of your success will depend on moving around avoiding attacks. You will also want to try to destroy spawners as soon as they appear otherwise you can find yourself overwhelmed. If all players on the map are defeated at the same time, they enemy will disappear. Make sure someone is always alive.

I would recommend having both a summon and using ranged weaponry to defeat Evil’s Protector. Some summon weapons can be found on traveling merchants, or there is a summon stick that can be crafted using cave spider glands. This is called the Spider Staff. Most enemies won’t attack your summon so it will continue to do damage to the boss even while you are not attacking it. Great for chipping away at that large health pool.

In terms of weaponry, I’d suggest using a ranged weapon such as the Iron Bow. By now you’ve probably collected a ton of fire arrows. By fighting from a distance, you will have more time to dodge those fireballs and the fire arrows will do good damage as they will also inflict burning damage. Overall you will have have to keep chipping it down with these arrows and your summon and keep dodging attacks.

It is also recommended to use the explosive items that you should have looted in the caves. These include the large bombs and dynamite. They will both do large chunks of damage to Evil’s Protector and as they don’t move, you will never waste a bomb. You could also just recruit a whole bunch of villagers to help you with the fight but this will get very costly and they will perish rather quickly…

Evil’s Protector Quest Complete and Loot

Congratulations! You’ve defeated the first boss of Necesse, Evil’s Protector. Once you have defeated this you will be able to move on to the next part of the game. By defeating the boss you will earn yourself a really nice permanent health boost in the form of an item. The item Demon Heart. Consuming this item will double your character’s current health. Great!

The Force of Wind trinket will allow the player to perform a short dash

There are two items that will always drop when you defeat Evil’s Protector; 12 Demonic Bars and Force of Wind. Force of Wind is a trinket that allows the player to perform a short dash when equipped. The demonic bars are another type of metal that can be used in crafting. Most importantly, they are your ticket onto the next part of the game. You can use them to craft the Demonic Workstation which will give you access to many more items.

A Video of the Evil’s Protector Fight

Unsure of what to make of the guide? You can check me out fighting the Evil’s Protector in the video below. This should give you an idea about the tactics to use and the different attacks that the boss can make.

Also note how they will continuously spawn other enemies to fight me. Destroying these quickly is a good idea to avoid getting overwhelmed. The small zombie with a bow and arrow helping me out is the result of a summon using a summon staff. Clearly a huge help when defeating the first Necesse boss!

Helpful Link: Necesse Evil’s Protector Wiki Link

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