Necesse – How to Enable Cheats

Like most games, survival crafting adventure game Necesse has a debug menu menu. Here, players will be able to use cheats in the game to make it easier for themselves or test different things. Using cheats in Necesse, you will be able to:

  • Spawn items including weapons, armor and furniture
  • Give yourself buffs and advantages
  • Spawn different NPCs and mobs in the game

This guide will show you how you can enable cheats in Necesse, how to use them to spawn items and give one warning why you may not want to do so!

How to Cheat in Necesse

To start using cheats in Necesse, you will have to enable the debug menu. This can be done from within the game so you won’t have to edit any files or start the game with any special parameters. Simply boot up your game and get ready to type a command. But before you can do this, there is one thing you must be warned about.

Be Warned

Enabling cheats in Necesse will disable achievements for this world. Debug mode cannot be disabled once enabled on a world.

If you are planning on using the debug mode for testing purposes and don’t want to lose the ability to gain achievements then it is recommended to duplicate the world and mess around with the cheats on the copy of the world. That way you can keep your main world cheat free.

Enabling the Debug Menu

With that out of the way we can talk about how to access the debug menu and thus, the cheats. To enable cheats in Necesse follow these simple steps:

  • Load into your world as usual
  • Press the enter key to open up the chat menu
  • Type /allowcheats and press enter
  • You will see a warning about achievements being disabled
  • Type /allowcheats once more and press enter to enable cheats
  • Press the F10 key to open up the debug menu

Once you have followed these steps you should see the debug mode pane on the right hand side of your screen. I won’t go into too much detail on how to use the cheats as the developer has done a fantastic job of making the debug menu very easy to understand. I will simply go over some of the most common reasons for the cheats below.

Spawning Items in Necesse

One of the most common reasons for cheating in most survival games is for the ability to spawn items in to the game without earning them. This is also achievable in Necesse through the debug menu we have just unlocked. Now that we have the debug menu enabled, you can spawn items into the game under the heading Items. Select this and you will see an entire list of all items in the game.

You can use the debug menu to give yourself any item
in the game

Yes there is literally every single item there. Luckily this menu also comes with a search field at the bottom. This filter makes finding the item you want a lot easier. If you’re looking for armor, just type armor and you should be able to find what you’re looking for without going through a bunch of chairs and wood types. In the image above, I want to give myself a nice new sword.

To get any of these items, left-click them. The item will go straight into your character’s inventory. Make sure you have a free space open for the item(s) to go otherwise nothing will happen.

How to Teleport Using Cheats in Necesse

Now that we are using the debug menu there is a faster way to get around! Even though there is no option for it in the debug menu, you can luckily teleport around the map if you wish.

To teleport in Necesse, hold down the SHIFT key and Left Click any area on your local map. You can simply click a tile in the game world, or open up the map using the M key and click a location there. Your character will be instantly sent to this location.

You can spawn infinite travel scrolls to move around the world quickly in Necesse

Unfortunately this does not include the ability to travel between islands. You cannot just click to travel to them. One way you can island hop easily though is by opening up the Items pane and give yourself a large amount of travel scrolls.

These scrolls will allow you to fast travel between islands close by.


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