Necesse Mysterious Portal – Using and Finding Them

In Necesse you will have a large range of different items with different uses. You will find materials to craft and build with, weapons to use against your enemies and other miscellaneous items .One of these items is called the Mysterious Portal.

This guide will show you some of the things you can do with the mysterious portal and how you can get them.

What is the Mysterious Portal Used For?

The mysterious portal item is a usable item which is used to spawn the first boss of the game, Evil’s Protector. This item will be consumed when it is used. The Mysterious Portal should be used on the top ground level of the game. It can only be used at night and upon being used will invite Evil’s Protector to the area. Multiple Mysterious Portals can be used at one time to spawn this boss.

Using the portal will cause the player to lose it. Each mysterious portal can only be used one time. Luckily, they are relatively easy to acquire if you plan on farming the first boss, or just want to collect a lot of portals.

How to Use the Mysterious Portal

Like any other one-time-use item, the player simply has to equip the item. It can then be used just like any other weapon or tool. Alternatively, the player can firstly open up the inventory using the E key. Then, click the Mysterious Portal so that they are holding it with the cursor. To use this drag the item out of the inventory and use the left mouse button to activate the item.

The Mysterious Portal can only be used at night. Evil’s Protector will not show itself during the daytime. Make sure you are prepared for the fight well before you begin however,as this boss can be very tricky compared to the enemies you’ve been facing thus far. It is also recommended not to fight this boss near your settlement as NPCs can take damage and be killed by this boss.

Selling the Mysterious Portal for Profit

As the item is relatively easy to acquire,chances are you have quite a few lying around. A good alternative use is to simply sell these items to get more coins. The mysterious portal can be sold to pawnbrokers in the game for 50 coins. This can really add up if you have a good chest full of them.

Alternatively if you are strong enough, it may be a good idea to just keep spawning more Evil’s Protectors and selling the loot which you gain from defeating the boss as this will earn you more coins.

How to Get Mysterious Portals in Necesse

As aforementioned these items are relatively easy to find as loot. There are two ways that you can get Mysterious Portals in Necesse, either as loot or by crafting them.

Where to Get Mysterious Portal as Loot

To get these as loot get these you will have to venture into the caves in order to find these. The Mysterious Portal can be fund as general loot in the chests here underground.

Crafting Mysterious Portal in Necesse

If you don’t fancy venturing out and trying your luck to find the Mysterious Portal then luckily for you this item can also be crafted. To craft it however, you will need to have access to the Demonic Workstation. This is the second type of workstation.

The ingredients requires to craft the Mysterious Portal are:

  • 2x Demonic Bar
  • 2x Bat Wing


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