How to Get Components in Rimworld

Rimworld. A sci-fi colony simulator based on AI storytelling and map generation. It is a game created by Ludeon Studios. In Rimworld you indirectly control a group of colonists as they try to survive on a harsh new planet. Without going into too much detail about the game, in Rimworld components are a type of material used to build a wide array of different items both electronic and not.

What are Rimworld Components?

They are basically a broad term used for different parts in a machine. Think of a cog, or parts that you’d find inside your computer. Components are used in the manufacture of many different items in the game. They tend to appear rather later in the game but after you hit a certain point you are going to need a lot of them. In this article we will go over not only what Rimworld components are, but what they can be used for and how they can easily be obtained in the game.

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What are Components used for in Rimworld?

Components are essentially the lifeblood of all moving things in the game. They are used to craft a wide array of weapons, structures and even prosthetics. They are used in the construction of:

  • Prosthetic/bionic limbs
  • Electrical Devices like sunlamps and batteries
  • Blowback Weaponry (guns): Autopistols, shotguns and turrets

Throughout the game and as your tech level and research rises you will find an ever-increasing need to obtain more components. Components are fairly easy to obtain once you know where to look in the game. in the next section we will go over some of the ways to obtain them with images.

How do I get Components in Rimworld?

There are a few different methods of obtaining components in Rimworld. To begin with we will go over some of the basic methods first and further explain them.

Method 1: Mine them from Compacted machinery

Compacted machinery can be found within mountains and very rarely can drop as a meteor from an in-game event. Compacted machinery can be mined to obtain components. To do this, select the compacted machinery you want to mine and select the option, ‘Mine’ in the HUD. A colonist will, if they are working as a miner, go over and mine the Compacted machinery to reveal an amount of Components from 1-3 based on the skill of the miner. This method can also be done by selecting the mining command from the architect menu and ‘painting’ the area to mine.

We have struck components!

Components can also be mined using a long-ranged mineral scanner and Deep Drill. For more information on those methods, please follow the respective links to get to the official Rimworld Wiki.

Method 2: Crafting them

In Rimworld Components can eventually be crafted by making your way up the technology tree. To have your colonists craft their very own components you will have to research the technology ‘Fabrication’ from the research tree. Some mods include their own research trees including easier or harder methods of obtaining them through crafting so you will have to check the mod information when using them.

Components can then be crafted by creating a fabrication bench and selecting ‘craft components’ in the Bills section. For each single component you will need 12 units of steel. Please note also, that your colonist will have to have a crafting skill level over 8 to create components in Rimworld. Also note that to create a fabrication bench in Rimworld you will need components.

Method 3: Dissassembling

Another easy method to obtain components is to disassemble items that components are apart of. This include things like random ship chunks, mechanoid enemies found in the game, cryogenic pods mostly found in ancient dangers and many more constructions. Finding these items may be difficult to begin with but if you have an old workbench or a few items lying around that you aren’t using you may find this tip useful.

Method 4: Trading

This method is fairly straightforward. In the game you can select the world, from the bottom menu. From there you want to set up a caravan with a colonist with a good social skill level. Make sure that you remember to bring some silver along for the journey or something to trade, otherwise you won’t be able to buy any components. Rimworld is unforgiving and forgetting your silver before a journey will cost you, especially if you waste a day travelling there.

After you make a caravan and are happy with it, you can travel across the Rimworld to a friendly faction and trade with them. Trading is essentially the easiest way to obtain components in Rimworld, as you can trade basically any item for them and it takes barely any effort.

Now you have some Components in Rimworld

So there we have it! A guide to Rimworld components. I hope this little guide helped you find those pesky Rimworld components and guide your colony to the prolonged survival. I’ve personally been playing Rimworld for a long time. I even wrote a review about it on Set Ready game. If you want to read that review click this link. If you have something to add about components in Rimworld or would like to see guides similar to this one, drop a comment below and get involved in the conversation. Bye for now. Good luck out there. I hope Randy is good to you.

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