Rimworld Peace Talks – Event Guide

Rimworld is Sci-fi colony simulator game on the PC. The game includes interactive AI storytelling and an insane amount of different events that may happen. One of these events is the Peace Talks event.

When this event appears on your notification bar in game there is not need to worry about getting anything done quickly. Peace Talks can only be triggered by another faction that is hostile towards you. The gist of it is, that the faction wants to make peace with your tribe and come to an agreement to get on better terms with one-another.

An in-game message about peace talk requests

Who should I send to the Peace Talks Quest?

For the Peace Talks quest in Rimworld you should send your pawn that has the highest social skill. For the quest you will send your character on a journey across the planet to reach the destination. There, he or she will make contact with the hostile tribe and attempt to negotiate with them. Depending on factors influenced mainly by your colonists social skill you will gain either a higher standing with the other faction or they will like you less.

The entire Peace Talk happens off-screen and you cannot do anything to influence it’s success or failure. If you choose not to go to the peace talk at all, nothing will happen. You do not need to bring any gifts or weapons to the Peace Talks. Only the colonist and enough travel supplies to get there and back.

An in-game screenshot of Rimworld

Will I be attacked?

Having a colonist with a low social skill attend the Peace Talks and thus having a negative outcome will never result in a battle. The hostile faction will not immediately attack your base and apart from a small relationship loss nothing else will come of it.

What Rimworld factions can spawn the Peace Talks event?

Only enemy factions that are marked as such can instigate the Peace Talks event in Rimworld. Pirate factions will never try to make peace with you and friendly factions have no need to do so.

That concludes our coverage of the Peace Talks event in Rimworld. We have written a few other short guides and tips here. For some other Rimworld specific tips see also: Rimworld Components.

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