Going Medieval Review – An Innovative Medieval Colony Sim

Medieval colony simulator Going Medieval has finally launched into Steam early access! I was given the opportunity to get into the game and start playing over the last few days. Rather than write a formal ‘review’ I’d rather just talk about my experiences with the game. Hopefully that can give you, the reader, an idea … Read more

Gravity Heroes – The Best 2D Shooter You’ve Never Heard Of!

I’ve had the last couple of weeks to check out Couch Co-op 2D Shooter Gravity Heroes! I’ll go over some of my favorite moments playing the game and tell you a little about what you can expect from this hidden gem. I will be reviewing the game based on the PlayStation 4 version of the … Read more

How to Tame Necks in Valheim

Once you’ve ran the game as normal you can open up the console using the F5 key and type in the command /buzztame. This will open up the menu where you can configure which animals and creatures will be tameable through the mod and what kind of food they will eat.

Play Valheim in First-Person With this Mod!

One of the coolest things I experience whilst playing with the mod is exploring the house that i’d already built. It really makes you feel fully immersed in first person mode and seeing the scale of all of the building pieces, after having it all in third person is just really cool.

How To Make Money in Bannerlord Online

Before you start your adventure and raise your army, you are going to need some money. The game gives you a brief tutorial on how to make money farming but we are here to show you the best ways to make money in Mount and Blade Bannerlord Online!

The 8 Most Popular Valheim Mods So Far!

With that out of the way, let’s get to the list of the 8 most popular mods for Valheim! The list is in order from least to most popular, meaning mod number 8 is currently the most downloaded mod for Valheim.

trading in valheim

Should I Buy Valheim? – Valheim Review

Sharpen your axes, ready your bows. Join me as I dive into early access game Valheim and share my thoughts on this survival exploration game. Valheim- Review