About Us

Set Ready Game is a videogame journalism site founded in 2020. The site is focused on delivering honest reviews, helpful game guides and general gaming blog posts. The site generally focuses on smaller indie titles and early access games.

Set Ready Game isn’t just a gaming review site. We are here to help gamers get through the toughest boss fights, mind-boggling puzzles and navigate questionable UIs.

Jeffrey Brady – Founder and Lead Content Writer

My name is Jeffrey Brady and i have been gaming longer than I care to share. My first console was the Nintendo 64 and I have been gaming on consoles, PC’s and handheld devices and just about everything in-between since then. I love discussing video games and really getting in-depth to talk about them. The industry and development has always greatly interested me and now I get to share my opinions with the world! I have my home at the heart of Gamescom here in Cologne, Germany. Though, I grew up in the sunny state of Queensland in Australia.

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