A large bug-like enemy shown in Kenshi 2

Kenshi 2 – Development News and Release Date

We take a look at the sequel to beloved sandbox cRPG Kenshi. We will discuss all the current information about the development of Kenshi 2, platforms, release date and everything you can think of.

The police chief in Kenshi where you can turn in bounties. AI cores can get you as much money as bounties

6 Games like Kenshi on Steam

Kenshi is a fantastic single player sandbox experience. You can discover parts of the map, interact with the world, get beaten, sold into slavery and become a wanted criminal among many other things. If you don’t know what Kenshi is, (First of all why are you here?) and secondly I’ve written a review based on my playtime of close to 250 hours here.

Inside the scraphouse in kenshi

A guide to the AI Core – Kenshi

An AI core is a piece of tech included in advanced robotics in Kenshi. The in-game description for the item reads “A rare piece of ancient technology, anyone capable of researching it could unlock the most advanced technology of the modern age.”

Mining in Kenshi - A journeyman's guide

How to mine resources in Kenshi

Mining resources is fairly simple in Kenshi but there are s few details that aren’t so obvious. To mine a resource, select one of your characters and hold down the right mouse button on a mineable resource. Then select the option that reads ‘Use’. Your character will automatically move to the resource and mine it.

How to buy a house in Kenshi

Every now and then when you’re travelling through towns in Kenshi you may want to consider buying a small place to use as a base. Buying a building in town is a fantastic choice in the beginning of the game as it gives you a place to rest and recover for a while. You have the option of building your own

A hungry dog ready to eat some food in Kenshi

How to Feed Your Bonedog in Kenshi

If you are wondering how to keep your bonedog fed in Kenshi then look to further than this short guide. To feed your dog, simply put some type of food item in one of your characters’ backpacks. Then, move the dog near the character with the food. Once they are hungry enough they will automatically eat the food.