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  • Project Zomboid Anxious Explained and How to Fix it – Build 41
    Project Zomboid is a zombie survival RPG with very deep mechanics. Along with surviving the most obvious threat of flesh eating undead you will have to navigate your character’s psyche as well as stress will impact your character’s ability to deal with their situation. One of the most common moodles that can appear in Project … Read more
  • How to Stitch Wounds in Project Zomboid – Build 41
    So you’ve found yourself in deep (wound) trouble in the middle of the apocalypse? In Project Zomboid you will not only have to deal with your character’s hunger, sickness and of course zombies. There is a deep health system to the game with many layers and items necessary for certain mechanics. One of the things … Read more
  • The 10 Best Negative Traits in Project Zomboid – Build 41
    Many months ago I did a list on my top 10 best traits in Project Zomboid. This included a list of some of the strongest positive traits that one can pick up in the game. One thing that I didn’t take into account when making that list is the fact that to pick these positive … Read more
  • How to Use Search Mode/Investigate Area to Forage in Project Zomboid Build 41.60 (New Foraging Guide)
    Although some of the more exciting additions to Project Zomboid have been the new area of Louisville and of course the long-awaited official online multiplayer, there are other new additions to the game. One major change to Project Zomboid in the 41.60 version of the game is the change to the foraging system. The system … Read more
  • How to Get to Louisville in Project Zomboid 41.60
    With the addition of multiplayer into build 41 of Project Zomboid’s early access, people are coming to the game in waves. Whilst multiplayer has bee one of the most sought after additions to the game this isn’t all that was added in the 41.60 version of the game. There is a new town added to … Read more
  • How to Play Project Zomboid Build 41 Multiplayer – Official Update!
    The time has finally come for Project Zomboid fans. Since build 41 launched everybody has been wondering when they will have the chance to play multiplayer over the internet with their friends, (and possibly some enemies). Thankfully that day has finally come. Although it is not fully released into the wild it is now possible … Read more
  • Stardew Valley – How to Attach Hooks and Tackle to Fishing Rods
    We show you how to attach hooks and other tackle to rods in Stardew Valley. For PC and consoles too!
  • How to Fish in Rust – Fishing Guide (2021)
    In Rust, you’ll often find yourself fighting for survival and just trying to get by. In a recent update to this open world survival game the ability to catch fish was added. Through the use of a fishing pole and some bait it is possible to take a break from all the PvP carnage the … Read more
  • How to Talk/Use Voice Chat in DayZ
    Being that DayZ is a multiplayer game you will often find yourself coming face to face with other survivors. These can either be friendly interactions or not so friendly depending on the other player. If you’re looking to team up or just announce that you are a friendly passerby you have the ability to use … Read more
  • How to Sleep/Rest in DayZ
    At it’s core DayZ is a survival game. Sure there are undead people wanting to bite your face off everywhere you look but you’ll also have to manage your characters stats if you want to survive. DayZ is a simulation game where you will have to look after your character’s well-being too. From hunger and … Read more
  • How to Rotate Inventory Items in Dayz
    All about inventory management in DayZ.
  • How to Get Mechanical Parts in 7 Days to Die
    You’ll spend a lot of your time in 7 Days to Die in the crafting menu making a large range of different items. Everything you need to craft is made up of different items. One crafting item you will need a lot of if you plan to build a base or fix up a vehicle … Read more