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  • How to Recruit Prisoners and Bandits In Mount and Blade Bannerlord
    Go into the cities and towns and recruit young soldiers full of adventure. Many don’t know that there is another way of getting troops in Bannerlord and that is by recruiting the prisoners that you have in your army.
  • Earn Free Crypto Playing Games? – Phoneum Games Review
    For the quickest withdraw game however, you’ll want to play the Crypto Connect as it doesn’t rely on you earning 20,000 PHT, you only have to have finished level 100 in order to withdraw from the app. I
  • How to Shout/Yell in Project Zomboid
    To yell in the game, press the Q key on your keyboard. When you shout you will see some text appear above your character. Once you shout, zombies that are in the general area around your character will come to the location from which you shouted.
  • How to Teleport Players in Project Zomboid
    To teleport other players currently on the server, you will have to use a command. Write directly into the chat “/teleport “the player name you want to teleport” “the destination player”. For example, if you want to teleport Peter to Greg you would type the following command into the chat menu: “/teleport Peter Greg”
  • How to Pick Up and Move Furniture – Project Zomboid
    This guide will focus on using the Build 41 version of the game which is the latest ‘stable’ build of the game available on Steam. You can move furniture around just for the aesthetic value and to block doorways and stairs.
  • A Guide to Cars/Vehicles – Project Zomboid
    If you’ve gone into a parking lot and haven’t found any vehicles, chances are you’ve just gotten unlucky with the spawn. Either that, or the car spawn rate is set very low, or non-existent at all. Keep on checking out those parking lots and eventually you should come across a car.
  • How to Destroy Walls in Project Zomboid
    To destroy a wall in Project Zomboid you are going to need to find yourself a sledgehammer. First of all, equip the sledgehammer from your inventory. Now, right-click the wall you wish to destroy and select the option which reads destroy wall. There are some other options for destroying walls I will go into below.
  • How to Get Rid of Corpses – Project Zomboid
    Collect up all of the corpses in the area you want to get rid of and place them on a pile on top of the fire. Once you have them all on top, you can simply light the fire to have the fire spread through all of the zombie corpses.
  • How to Attack in Project Zomboid
    One of the most important parts of the game is learning how to do combat with melee weapons! By the end of this guide you should know exactly how to attack your enemies with all of the different weapon types in the game.
  • How to Get Tree Branches – Project Zomboid
    There are numerous different crafting options in the game. Tree branches can make a range of different tools and weapons. I will list all of the items that can be crafted using tree branches and write a little about how they can be helpful during your time in Project Zomboid.
  • How to Craft and Use Molotovs in Project Zomboid
    You’d then light the cloth up and throw the bottle to create an explosion of flame. There is an item that you can craft in Project Zomboid called the molotov which functions in the same way. What isn’t clear however, is how you use the molotov.
  • How to Sprint, Run and Move Faster in Project Zomboid
    There are some things to consider when running around in this post-apocalyptic wasteland however. When you run using either of the two quicker speed options your character will make a lot more noise, making it easier for zombies to find you. Another thing to consider is your character’s health.