Valheim – How to Level Up Skills/A Guide to All Skills

This guide will look at all of the skills available in the current version of Valheim. There will be general information on how to level up each skill, along with some tips to help you level up the skills. As Valheim is in early access the game is subject to change and these changes may affect the information that is found in this guide. Every effort will be made to keep this guide up to date with the latest tricks and tactics to levelling up skill in Valheim.

frequently asked questions for valheim

Valheim’s Frequently Asked Questions

If you can see any errors, misconceptions or mistakes written in the post please either leave a comment down below or send me a message however you can. Without further ado, let’s crack on with Valheim’s most commonly asked questions.

How to Advance and Progress in Valheim

The main goal of Valheim ties directly in to the way you will progress in the game. Your goal is to defeat Odin’s greatest enemies, known as the forsaken. These can also be called the ‘bosses’ of Valheim. Before being able to advance to the next tier of equipment and unlock new materials, you will generally have to defeat the next forsaken.

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20 Must-Know Tips and Tricks For Valheim

Cutting down trees is probably going to be one of the first things you do in Valheim. You will need wood for just about everything including crafting weapons, boats and of course building yourself a nice shelter to stay out of the rain. One mechanic players are having a lot of fun with it the fact that falling trees can and will do damage. When you cut down a tree in the game it will fall. Falling trees can kill.

How to Pause and Save the Game in Valheim

Without a clear set of instructions informing the player how to save the game it may be a little difficult to figure it out. Pressing the ESC key does open up the options menu but doesn’t seem to pause the game, even when playing the game in Single Player mode.

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How to Get Coordinates and Teleport in Valheim

This guide will teach you how to teleport in Valheim using the console commands and inputting coordinates and also how to figure out the coordinates of where you are currently standing. Before we start on the guide you must have cheats enabled through the in-game console in order for any of these advanced commands to work. You must be admin of the current server/world in order to use the cheat commands.

How to Deconstruct and Delete Items in Valheim

One things players may not realize is that you can deconstruct crafting stations and structures if you aren’t happy with them. To deconstruct items and structures equip the hammer tool. Once you have the Hammer if you look at a structure or crafting item, like the fermenter, press in the middle mouse button or scroll wheel.

How to Activate Your Forsaken Power in Valheim

In Valheim defeating strong boss level creatures will award you with a forsaken power. Once you have chosen a forsaken power you can activate it by pressing the ‘F’ key by default. Check the control scheme in your settings menu if the F key does not work. Keep in mind that you must first defeat a forsaken creature such as Eikthyr, the first forsaken. Once they are defeated, you must take their trophy to the summoning stones where you first started your journey.

How to Get Fine Wood in Valheim

In Valheim there are different types of wood which have different properties and uses. The first wood you will find in the game which is the most common type is merely called wood. This is used for fires, construction and tools. Once you’ve scrounged together some items and beaten the first boss, you will be able to get some Fine Wood.