How to plant grass valheim

How to Plant/Grow Grass in Valheim

Are you sick of looking at either dirt path or stone path throughout your entire base. Fear not! For I am going to show your how you can grow grass back on the ground in Valheim.

How to Get Draugr Elite Trophy in Valheim

When you defeat a skeleton they may drop a skeleton trophy. You can use some of these trophies to craft specific items in Valheim. Most of the trophies primary uses however, are for decoration when hung on an item stand.

How To Get a Bow in Valheim – Every Bow in The Game

If you manage to acquire at least one of each of these items you will see the crafting recipe for the Crude Bow appear in the crafting menu of the Workbench. Cutting down trees and interacting with fallen branches will net you some wood. Hunting down boars is your journey to collecting leather scraps.

showing off the Valheim spaceship rocket

How to Spawn a Spaceship in Valheim

Vikings of Valheim rejoice. We have finally discovered air travel! Through the advanced aerospace development program of Valheim (AADV) we finally have a spaceship available in the game! I will show you what you need to do to spawn the spaceship and a bonus item available at the bottom of the page.

A screenshot of Valheim showing the game on Android using touch controls

How to Play Valheim On Android

Do you have the game on Steam but wish there was some way that you could play from anywhere in your house using your mobile? Lucky you! This page will tell you exactly how you can play Valheim on your Android device without needing to sit at the computer.

What Is An Ancient Root in The Valheim Mistlands?

The ancient root seems to be one of the new types of trees that will be available to explore and hopefully cut down with the Mistlands update for Valheim. Scheduled for this year, the update will fully implement new enemies, materials and a new forsaken boss to the game into

A Guide to Events – Valheim

Skeleton surprise is another event that can take place randomly in the world of Valheim. Once the player has defeated Bonemass they may be randomly attacked by a large group of skeletons

Valheim – How To Level The Ground

There are a few different other tricks that the player can do with other tools to get the ground perfectly flat in Valheim. By using any type of pick with the hoe, the player can get a very flat surface.