The best Couch co-op rpgs of all time

This is a list of the best role playing games that you can play with another person on the same screen. From PC, Xbox 360 and many others, we’ve compiled the best list of couch co-op RPGs for you to finish with another person.

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Released: 2019

Platforms: PC, LINUX, PS4, XBOX ONE

Outward is an open world adventure RPG from Nine Dots Studio. The game allows up to 2 player split screen action. You start your journey off in your small fishing town and grow in quest starting from making enough money back to pay your house mortgage,  to learning how to wield magic. Steep curve right? The learning difficulty on this one is also a bit of a steep curve. This couch co-op RPG features ‘souls-like’ combat with  sword swing, roll and dodge mechanics which at times can feel a little unfair. My girlfriend didn’t particularly enjoy this one thanks to the rather difficult combat and rather long walks. The game focuses on open world exploration, and the world is beautiful. You can read our coop review here. 

Fable 2

Released: 2008

Platform: Xbox 360

Fable is one of the most well-known and treasured adventure RPGs in videogame history. But even then not many people know the game can be played cooperatively with a friend. The couch co-op mode in this RPG leaves a lot to be desired but is still fun to give a whirl for a fairly non-deep story driven experience with the second player just kind of being a side-kick in the first players world. It unfortunately isn’t really implemented well but is good if you’re stuck for a good story rpg ro play.

Divinity Original Sin

Released: 2014

Platforms: PS4, PC, Mac

Divinity Original Sin remains one of the greatest RPGs I’ve played to date, mainly thanks to its couch co op capabilities. It functions beautiful as one of my favorite couch co-op RPG’s. (That was a mouthful) But it does hold its own as a single player game Explore Rivellon with a friend as you tackle this beautiful title together. With many different builds to try it has a high replayability. The combat is turn-based, a favorite of many of my non-gamer friends and is easy enough for younger kids to understand. This one was really a blast, I have a full review of the game written here.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (The Legendary Collection)

Released: 2015, (2020 Switch)

Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, XB1, Switch

This bundle includes Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, 2 fantastic first person shooter RPGs. You may only know them as first person shooters but they are also couch co-op RPGs which a lot of people don’t know. The series is known for its aesthetic, cartoony graphical style and its no-holes-barred humor. With creatively named bosses and crude humor its better to keep this one out of the hands of the kids. It is an open world game with a bunch of quests and a levelling system with many different skills to level up and randomly generated weapons, all with different abilities and elemental damage. If you are into shooters this is a great, fun time sink. 

Project Zomboid

Released: 2013 (Early access)

Platform: PC

Yes I know what you’re thinking,  early access. But please let me explain myself. I was also a bit iffy whether or not to include this but I think Project Zomboid is a little diamond in the rough. The game is a hardcore survival simulation self published by The Indie Stone. It has very realistic survival elements from hunger to exhaustion, thirst, temperature and a full health system. (With body parts and infection). The game can be played fully cooperative on the same computer or remotely over steams remote play mode. It is constantly being worked on but it is a lot of fun as is. You can read our full review here. I love Couch co-op RPGs a lot. They are one of my favorite types of games.

So how did you like the list? Let me know what you think  should have made the cut by leaving a comment. Did I mention something you’ve never heard of? Great! I hope you enjoy the titles and help keep couch co-op games alive! I have a list of couch co op games to play with a non-gamer here. But if you’re looking for a more lonely experience check out my for 5 RPGs of all time. 

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