How to Bury Corpses in Rimworld

In Rimworld you will have constant raids from aggressors thrown at you. If you can manage to defeat these raiders you will be left with an unfortunate amount of bodies around your colony. Seeing these will make your colonists upset whenever they walk past.

Why Do You Need to get Rid of Bodies in Rimworld?

As you’ve probably already noticed, colonists in Rimworld are very moody. Every slight nuisance can escalate into a full-blown meltdown. This includes seeing dead bodies as well. Unless your colonists have the Psychopath trait or a select few others, they will not be too happy with the sight of corpses around the base. You will need to remove these, otherwise they will start to have mental breaks.

burying a body in Rimworld

On top of this, they will get an even larger debuff if the corpses are slightly decomposed. For some reason seeing a fresh body is more okay than seeing an older one. If you don’t have any meat-eating animals to give some free meat to, you will have to remove these bodies. The easiest way to do this, is by burying them.

There is also a benefit to having graves around your colony. Graves are a place where colonists can go to fill some recreation stat. Characters that have the Morbid meditation type can also focus energy at gravesites too. In fact, the more graves that are in the vicinity of the colonist, the quicker they can recharge.

How to Bury Bodies in Rimworld

If you have a great deal of bodies lying around, you will be pleased to know it is fairly easy to bury them to get rid of them. Unfortunately by burying bodies, it will take up some space on your map. (Quite cool if you’re going for that Graveyard look). You have a two options for burying bodies in Rimworld; the Grave and the Sarcophagus.

Showing the information for a wooden sarcophagus in Rimworld

Depending on who is being buried, you can pick either of these two. Graves will be a rather simple place for colonists to come to mourn the dead, whereas sarcophagi have an element of beauty to them as well.

Regular graves cost absolutely no materials to create. You can simply place them on any dirt or grass. You can’t place them down on concrete however. Now that you have an open grave, you can place any corpses in here.

Placing Corpses into Open Graves and Grave Permissions

Now that you have a grave, you can place any bodies inside. You can bury human or animals here. By default, graves will only accept human corpses. You can view and change these settings by selecting the grave or sarcophagus and selecting the Storage button.

Showing an open grave in rimworld for a corpse

You can allow or disallow different types of corpses from here for the grave. These different types of corpses can also be expanded and you can decide to only allow colonist corpses, raider corpses and so forth. If you have a special place set out for the body of one of your fallen pawns, you can use the button at the bottom of the screen. This is the one that reads Assign colonist. You can alternatively use the N key to assign one of your colonists.

Removing Bodies in Rimworld Without a Grave – Crematorium

If you don’t want to make a million grave-sites for all of the raiders you’ve defeated there is another option to get rid of the bodies. Through the research panel you can unlock different things that can be built in your colony. After you research Electricity you are able to build a crematorium.

Burning a corpse in a crematorium in rimworld

With this piece of machinery, you can simply incinerate any bodies that are lying around the colony. You will need to have some source of electricity to keep it running through. If the bodies have anything on them you wish to keep, you will have to take it off first as the crematorium will burn everything on the body.


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