How to Get a Gauranlen Tree in Rimworld Ideology

Rimworld Ideology is finally here and with it some big content upgrades to the game. One addition is the inclusion of Gauranlen trees from which Dryads will spawn. Your colonists can ‘connect’ with these trees in order to ‘control’ the Dryads which come from the tree.

This article will explain what you need to do in order to get Gauranlen trees in your colony. The Gauranlen tree will start as a sprout, develop into a pod and eventually become a tree.

Setting Up a Gauranlen Tree-Friendly Ideology

The first thing to note about Gauranlen Trees in Rimworld is that not all colonies can spawn one. When you are creating a custom Ideology, (or picking one from the list) there are certain “memes” which make up the Ideology’s beliefs. The only way to get a Gauranlen Tree in Rimworld currently and make use of it’s benefits is to create an ideology that works with it.

When starting a game and creating an ideology you will need to choose either one of these two Memes, or both of them together:

  • Nature Primacy
  • Tree Connection
Only these two memes will allow a Gauranlen tree in your colony

Once you have chosen the memes, the work is not done yet. On the next page of the Ideology creator you will see a bunch of other ideology settings. These settings include, Precepts, Relics and more. We need to find the ritual section.

Making The Gauranlen Tree a Ritual Reward

Here is the part that decides when you can get a Gauranlen Seed which will then develop into a tree. To do this, we are going to create a new type of ritual for our ideology. Scroll down the page until you find the section for rituals. Select the option to Add ritual or edit one of the existing ones. Now, select a new ritual for your religion. In general, the dance party or social gathering are the easiest to create.

You will need to add a ritual so there can be a reward

Now that you have selected a ritual it will be given an auto-generated name. It will also be given either a fixed date, or the ability to be started whenever you’d like. Select the ritual and choose the Edit option. Here you will see the option to change the ritual from a fixed date to whenever you wish. Select the option Any time and you can start the festival manually.

The Additional reward is the most important part to change there. You will have the option to choose a reward if the ritual goes really well. Select the Choose button and change the reward to Gauranlen pod sprout if it isn’t already the reward.

The Gauranlen pod sprout can be rewarded multiple times

Starting a Ritual and Getting a Gauranlen Tree Sprout

Now that we’ve set up the ritual reward we can actually move on to playing the game. First, set up your colony as you usually would. Now, head to the Misc tab in the Architect (building) menu. Here you can find the item, Ritual spot. Just like crafting and sleeping spots your colonists don’t actually have to build anything, it will be automatically placed down.

Now that you have a ritual spot, select the spot and you will be able to start rituals here. Some rituals will require specific object but if you picked a dance-party you should be able to do it with nothing. Now I’m going to select the ritual I created earlier.

As you can see in the picture above, it will explain that the ritual will have to be either fun or unforgettable for a Gauranlen pod sprout to spawn on the map. Even without the bonus objects of a loudspeaker or lightball, my ritual has a pretty good chance of being successful. 53% + 18% = 71% of getting a pod to spawn. Select the option to Begin and your colonists will carry out the ritual.

With a successful ritual a Gauranlen pod will appear on the map somewhere. Now, you can have a colonists harvest this pod to obtain a seed which can then be planted wherever you wish in order to grow a Gauranlen tree!