How to Get Springs in 7 Days to Die

In 7 Days to Die crafting is one of the ways you are going to be getting better gear. Everything that you craft in 7 Days to Die is made up of items that are primarily looted or gotten from things you scrap. Springs are one of the main component in crafting weaponry and vehicle items as well. In fact, springs are one of the things you are going to need the most of in the mid-late game crafting.

This guide will show you how to get springs in 7 Days to Die and go through some of the things you can craft using the springs.

How to Get Springs in 7 Days to Die

Firstly, basically every method of getting springs requires you to have a wrench. You can usually find these in tool stores or under sinks in kitchens. There are 3 ways that you can get springs in 7 Days to Die:

  • Dismantling Beds Using a Wrench
  • Dismantling Old Car Wrecks Using a Wrench
  • Looting them from Working Stiff Crates or Sedans

Although it is possible to loot springs from some containers without any tools, your best bet is to find a wrench first. Due to the large amount of beds and car wrecks in the game, once you get a wrench you are going to have almost no trouble finding springs again.

the information on springs from 7 days to die in-game

The Best Way to Get Springs with Cars and Beds

As aforementioned, you can use the wrench tool to get springs easily from old cars or beds. All you have to do here is equip the wrench tool in your inventory. You can open you inventory and equip it directly from there, or drag it into your quickbar at the bottom of the screen and select the corresponding number to equip it. Once you have your wrench equipped you are ready to start collecting springs!

A character dismantling a vehicle to find springs in 7 days to die

Simply walk up to the car or bed with your wrench equipped and hold down the left mouse button. You will see the wrench move in your character’s hand. You can see which items are being collected at the bottom right hand side of the screen. You can see in the image above that I collected two springs in one move with the wrench here. The higher your skills (and wrench level) the quicker you will gain items using it.

Due to the high amount of beds and cars in the game world you should have no trouble finding springs now.


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