How to Get Worms in Project Zomboid

Today we are going to be covering worms in Project Zomboid. Worms are one of the most underrated resources in Project Zomboid. They can be used for many things. Even though it may seem disgusting to some, using them as a food source may just save your character’s live! We will go through the best way to get worms in the game and some of the uses for worms in Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid is in early access. As such the game is still in development. To see the latest news on the game check out the official Project Zomboid website.

What are Worms in Project Zomboid?

Worms in the game are exactly the same as in real life. Small squishy creatures which can be found in the Earth. In Project Zomboid worms can be used for a few different things. Some of the best ways worms can be used are:

  • As a Food Source
  • Fish bait
  • As bait in trapping
Showing off the worm icon and weight in a player's inventory in Project Zomboid
Eating raw worms will make your character unhappy

We will go into each of these different ways to use worms later on in the guide. You can click on any of the heading above in order to jump straight to that section of the page if you wish. First, i’d like to discuss some of the way that the player can acquire worms in Project Zomboid.

How to Get Worms:

There are three different ways that the player can find worms in Project Zomboid:

  1. Finding them as rare loot in certain places
  2. Digging them up out of the ground when farming
  3. Foraging for worms

Finding Worms as Loot

This is one of the hardest ways to get worms as it involves luck based on loot. That being said, it is one of the ways you can genuienly find worms so I’ve included it. Like most objects in Project Zomboid, worms can be found as loot in certain places. You will have to be very lucky though as worms are a relaveitly rare spawn. Some of the places to look out for if you are trying to find worms as loot are:

  • Fridges
  • Old Food Trucks
  • Kitchen cabinets
Finding worms in an old kitchen
Kitchens can sometimes have worms around

You chances of finding worms as loot in general are pretty low though. But, it’s always good to check if you are moving through kitchens, or see an old Spiffos van around.

Digging Up Worms From the Ground

Another way that you can get worms in Project Zomboid is by digging them up out of the ground of course. This is one of the methods you may not have even realized that you’ve found worms. As you need to dig furrows in order to plant fruits and vegetables in Project Zomboid, you may have accidentally found yourself some worms this way.

Getting worms from digging farm furrows in Project Zomboid
Dig furrows and find worms

By using the right-mouse button on a piece of dirt or grass, you will see an option to dig a furrow. This can be done with or without a trowel. Keep in mind that by digging with your bare hands, there is a chance that your character will sustain a hand injury. If you just keep digging furrows your character will eventually add worms to their inventory. There is no indicator that says you have found a worm. Your character will simply just pick them up and add them to the main inventory.

Foraging to Get Worms

Without a doubt the best way to find worms in Project Zomboid is by using foraging. If you go out of town into the forest a little bit you will come to an area that you can forage. Right-click on the ground in a forest area and see if it can be foraged. If there is no option to forage then this area is not suitable. You may have to go further out of town, or just walk to a different area to try again. Once there is an option for your character to forage select the option. This will open the foraging menu.

Foraging for worms in Project zomboid
Select either Animals or Fish Bait from the foraging menu to find worms.

When you have the foraging menu up on your screen you can single out foraging for worms. If your character has a low foraging skill the only animals they will be able to find are worms. Selecting either Animals or Fish Bait as your objective in foraging will allow you to find worms. The advantage of this method over the furrow digging method is that you will be able to see how many worms your character is finding when foraging. The worms will appear in this screen when they are found and then immediately transferred into your character’s inventory.

Project Zomboid Worm Uses

Now that we have gone through some of the best ways that you can find worms in Project Zomboid, I’ll go over some of the uses in the game.

Eating Worms

If your player has the stomach for it, worms can be used as a source of nutrition. Unfortunately there is currently no way to cook up the worms before you eat them. There is also no cooking recipes which use worms. Unfortunately you character will just have to stomach the worms as they are in order to survive. Hey, nobody said surviving was easy.

Fishing With Worms

If you don’t think you have the stomach to eat worms directly good news! you can use those slimy suckers as bait to catch a real meal. By finding yourself a fishing rod, you can use the worms directly as bait and cast them off to catch fish. Check out the link below to find out more.

Fishing using worms as bait in Project Zomboid
Fish are a lot tastier than worms

Using Worms as Trapping Bait

By leveling up the trapping skill you’ll be able to catch wildlife in new and exciting ways. There are a few different types of traps that can be crafted and many different things to be caught. One of the baits that can be placed into traps is the worm. By using worms as bait in traps, you are able to catch birds and other creatures. Try it out and see if you can catch anything using worms in trapping. Simply right-click a placed trap and select the worms as bait to add.

Adding a worm as bait in a trap in Project Zomboid
What will we catch?