Sit Down on the Ground and Rest in Project Zomboid!

Project Zomboid is a game about staying alive in the zombie apocalypse. Apart from the obvious of feeding and hydrating your character there are a few other mechanics that many players may not be aware of. Exhaustion is one of the silent killers in Project Zomboid and today i’m going to convince you to take a load off and sit down and rest in Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid is in early access. This means the games mechanics and content are subject to change as the game’s development continues. You can read about the latest news on the official Project Zomboid website blog here.

Why Sit Down in Project Zomboid? – Exhaustion and You

If you’ve spent enough time in survival games you’ll realize that danger is generally waiting for you around every corner. From the dawn of video games we are told to run from these dangers and get to a safe place. Here in Project Zomboid, i’m going to convince you to walk away from your troubles rather than running. Unlike most survival games, Project Zomboid has an exhaustion system in place for every character. you cannot simply run, fight and jump without getting your character tired. The more exhausted your character gets, the less effective they are going to be in combat.

Sprinting around getting your character tired is the best way to put yourself in a terrible situation you can’t get out of. As you run and fight more and more without taking a break, you will start to see negative moodlets appearing at the side of the screen. These moodlets tell you that your character is getting exhausted and won’t be fighting as well. Having a character with high exhaustion will also make them more prone to injuries as they move around. So what do you do when your character is tired? Take a rest, that’s what!

How to Sit Down in Project Zomboid

This is one of the most basic ways you can allow your character to take a break and regain some stamina. To sit down on the ground in Project Zomboid, you just have to right-click the ground. Then, with the action menu open, select the option which reads Sit on ground. Select this and your character will sit down on the ground and take a break. See the image below.

Right-click to open up the menu to sit on the ground in Project Zomboid
Sitting on the ground in Project Zomboid

Keep in mind that this feature was added in a recent update to Project Zomboid. If the option to have your character sit on the ground is not appearing in your drop-down action menu, check that your game is updated to the latest beta version. Read up on this guide to find out how you can join the Build 41 beta and update your game to the latest stable beta branch.

a character sitting on the ground in Project Zomboid build 41
Sit down at your family BBQ

Now, your character should automatically sit on the ground and relax. This is a great way for your character to let off some steam and conserve energy. Just standing around now even moving will cause your character to burn energy in Project Zomboid. That being said, sitting on the ground isn’t the best way you have have your character rest. you can also use furniture to rest in Project Zomboid. Read on to find out more.

Resting on Furniture in Project Zomboid

You can utilize that comfy looking furniture to have your character rest in Project Zomboid. Sure sitting around on the ground is great and all, but wouldn’t you rather sit up on that comfy bed? To rest on a piece of furniture in Project Zomboid, move your character over to the furniture and right-click on the object. Right-clicking the object will open up the action menu and show you every available action for your character. Pick the option that says Rest and your character will move toward the piece of furniture and rest on it to regain their strength.

Showing the option to rest on a bed in Project Zomboid
Resting on a bed in Project Zomboid

After you select the rest option your character will move towards the object and rest on it. There are currently no rest animations for any of the furniture in the current version of Project Zomboid. You won’t physically see your character lying on a bed or sitting at a chair, they will just stand next to the object while a bar appears above their head. You can see the progress bar above your character when they are resting. Once this is full your character will be back at full stamina ready to run again. You can speed up the resting process by using the hotkeys to speed up time, (F3 – F5).

If you don’t have the option to rest you have probably rested your character too recently, or they aren’t tired and won’t benefit at all from resting on a piece of furniture.